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De la croissance des données non structurées aux solutions de cloud hybride, Veritas s'occupe de vous


Croissance des données non structurées

Résolution du problème de gouvernance de l'information.

Know what you have. Keep what you need. Eliminate what you don’t need. 

Veritas helps organizations deal with their unstructured data by providing visibility into what they have. This enables organizations to take action and implement processes to keep them ahead of the crush.

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Embracing the Hybrid Cloud

Modernizing IT, minimizing risk

Organizations look to cloud architectures to help meet the evolving business needs of the digital world. However, with most organizations relying on multiple cloud infrastructure platforms in addition to traditional data centers, a unified approach to information protection, availability, and governance becomes more critical than ever.

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Gestion des données du secteur de la santé

Limitation des risques et optimisation de la conformité.

Securing the complex information systems and protected health information of today's healthcare private practices, hospitals, and payers.

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Protection des données et services des particuliers au niveau de l'État et des régions.

Veritas empowers government departments, on the federal and local level, to gain better visibility and insight into unstructured data and to control, store, and protect citizen information. 

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