Azure Archive Storage: The Perfect Solution for Long-term Archiving

Protection September 15, 2022

You’re riding on top of the Big Data wave. What are you doing with all that rarely accessed data?

Discover why so many businesses turn to Azure Archive Storage.

IT professionals in medium-to-large enterprises face a growing challenge. Storing mass amounts of data is an expensive process with inadequate solutions. You need data solutions that will support security, accessibility, and cost advantages.

Enterprises want integrations like the Internet of Things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). Azure Archive Storage provides technologies that make those integrations possible.

Does your existing data storage support that?

Azure is for IT professionals managing storage, data centers, network infrastructure, and cloud. These experts need scalable solutions for their data needs. They want to avoid high costs, but still achieve data accessibility and flexibility.

They want to spend less time maintaining on-premises or third-party solutions as well.

8 Azure Archive Storage Advantages

Azure Archive Storage is already making waves in the business world. For large enterprises, data requirements are growing rapidly. Azure Archive Storage is a tiered backup storage solution. Its cloud model provides benefits its competitors are yet to achieve.

There are a handful of companies leading the industry in archive storage. We’re going to show you why Azure is the best for your business.

We’ll compare eight of the best features of Azure Archive Storage to other features in the industry. Then we’ll provide examples of how Azure Archive Storage can support your core IT objectives.

1. Pricing

Professionals acknowledge cloud storage as being a more flexible and affordable solution than on-premises storage. But cloud pricing models vary depending on your usage. Many enterprises focus on storage costs but overlook activity costs.

These can fluctuate depending on how you use your data.

Azure Archive Storage helps increase capacity while reducing costs. It supports enterprise growth while keeping deployment and management costs down. Archive tier pricing for Azure is best when your data is rarely accessed.

2. Availability

Archived data is not immediately available for retrieval with Azure. But Microsoft guarantees 99% availability for the archive tier. This includes automatic encryption at rest.

IT professionals encounter myriad problems with on-premises archiving. Availability and maintenance are issues you can avoid with the cloud. However, even cloud solutions can have barriers to application support, migration, and security. These are less problematic in Azure Archive Storage.

3. Security

Azure distinguishes itself in security. Azure encrypts all the data in the archive at rest. Azure also updates its security capabilities.

Physical data center security and compliance can be questionable, and more difficult to update.

Even most cloud storage solutions are susceptible to hacking. Azure offers alternatives to storing sensitive passwords, including a Single Sign-On solution. Single Sign-On allows users to use an organizational password instead of individual ones.

4. Seamless Integrations

The Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) are a priority for enterprises. Most companies’ data solutions do not support integrations with these technologies.

Cloud solutions provide the scalability and power companies need to support these next-generation technologies. Machine learning requires massive amounts of data.

Most companies struggle with siloed data storage and processing systems. The data is not always clean after extraction as well. Azure offers its own machine learning and IoT suites. It also offers an AI platform. These robust solutions are easy to use and deploy. Their Machine Learning Studio enables you to launch campaigns in seconds.

5. Flexible Management

Managing on-premises data solutions limits productivity. It is one of the most common reasons to adopt cloud archive solutions. Cloud storage eliminates physical maintenance of tapes and other devices.

But many cloud options need consistent monitoring and manual tasks. Azure provides backup-as-a-service and other hybrid storage solutions that automate data and application recovery.

6. Support

One of the most common complaints about technical support for enterprises is a failure of technical support to resolve a persistent problem. Pricing is also a common issue. Companies feel the value of their support is outweighed by the cost.

Azure offers a range of competitive support plans. These plans are identified based on their best are of application.

Azure offers an included plan that offers general support. It also offers upgraded plans depending on one’s role — Developer, Standard, Professional Direct, and Premier.

Some of these costs get as high as $1,000 and beyond. Larger enterprises will benefit from these better services with lower response times.

The “Developer” plan is a manageable $29 per month.

7. Analytics

The most important feature of analytics is timeliness. Your company needs actionable data while important market changes are taking place.

Enterprises struggle with combining data from multiple systems, which is essential to analytics. Additionally, some of the data in one system may conflict with data in another.

Azure Storage Analytics services remove many of the manual tasks from analytics usage. The tool performs logging and provides analytics data for immediate use.

Azure also logs authenticated requests and records rich data at hourly or minute intervals. Your analytics data will always be up to date.

8. Remote Access

On-premises solutions provide limited support for large-scale remote access to data by employees. Many cloud solutions offer limited access and will not run smoothly for all users. And both can leave systems vulnerable to hacking and data loss.

Hacking alone costs businesses billions of dollars every year.

Enterprises can select data center regions close to their branch offices. They can maintain security and disaster protection. This is possible even as staff from remote locations access data.

They can keep all areas of business moving smoothly with Azure.

Realizing Azure’s Business Value

Azure is one of a handful of cutting-edge archive storage solutions. But Azure utilizes the most innovative storage technologies on the market.

It’s easy to maintain, and it provides superior advantages to performance and the bottom line.

As the data revolution evolves, companies need the best solutions for managing critical, rarely accessed data. For long-term, cost-effective storage, Azure Archive Storage is the perfect solution.

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