Kyndryl Cyber Incident Recovery Powered by Veritas

Protection November 30, 2022

Cyber criminals are out in force. They aim to extort organizations and cause major disruptions. There are many headlines proclaiming security breaches and organizations have undeniably intensified responsiveness of the need to protect their company. The resiliency and security mission is to help protect client’s business from these cyber criminals by safeguarding their business applications, infrastructure, and most critically - their data.

Kyndryl and Veritas’ Cyber Resiliency solutions deliver a wide-range cyber readiness, response, and recovery program.  Kyndryl’s cyber recovery solution seamlessly integrates with Veritas’ Data Protection platform. The outcome is a fully integrated solution that unlocks value by reducing the risk of data being altered, deleted, or encrypted. The joint solution provides air-gapped data from clients’ production environments for enhanced security against cyber-attacks.

Kyndryl and Veritas have created unique value by combining their expertise in cyber resiliency, SAP and public cloud to deliver an integrated management solution. Together, they provide complete management of enterprise systems including SAP on Microsoft Azure with built-in security, data protection and cyber resiliency. With Kyndryl's experience managing security and SAP environments, and Veritas providing protection of mission-critical data and business operations, orchestration of data and critical business recovery is up to 80% faster.

Kyndryl and Veritas capabilities and track record in the resiliency and security domain are unparalleled. It is supported by decades of experience with research and development, and strategic acquisitions to ensure we have the most advanced technology to help our clients. 

Customers are at the core of the Kyndryl and Veritas relationship. We are committed to a long-term relationship where we will jointly invest in unique, innovative, and differentiated solutions that bring value to our customers.

To find out more about Kyndryl Cyber Incident Recovery Powered by Veritas, download the Solution Brief.

About Veritas and Kyndryl:

Veritas, a leader in multi-cloud data management and Kyndryl, the largest IT infrastructure services provider, share a commitment to helping organizations manage their growing data estates as they transition to the cloud. Therefore, we are expanding our global alliance to help enterprises protect and recover their critical data across multi-cloud environments. By leveraging Veritas’ market-leading innovation in data management and Kyndryl’s industry leading services portfolio, the world’s largest organizations can manage and protect their data in the most efficient way. The partnership with Veritas extends Kyndryl’s framework of cyber resiliency services and solutions including: Security Assurance, Zero Trust, Security Operations and Response, and Incident Recovery.

Dennis Deane
Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances Veritas