Introducing the Veritas NetInsights Console: Simplify Data Protection Lifecycle Management

Disponibilité April 29, 2021

We live in fast-moving times. Organizations are getting more decentralized as people work virtually from home. The threat of ransomware continually grows. Accelerating change in technology increases productivity, but often adds complexity.

Organizations depend on their data protection system to protect against threats and to keep operations running smoothly. But in fast-moving times managing the data protection system lifecycle is a challenge. Planning the next generation, deploying new systems, efficient operation, and integrating the latest technology is essential to keeping your data protection environment reliable and running at peak performance.

The new Veritas NetInsights Console is a unified, SaaS-based platform that helps manage your data protection solution through its complete lifecycle.

Veritas customers have deployed almost 30,000 NetBackup Appliances over the last five years. A majority of these appliances have been transmitting telemetry data on their hardware status to a database managed by Veritas. This data is used to monitor appliance health, forecast capacity utilization, and identify potential problems such as disk failures and configuration drift. This database contains millions of data points collected over the life cycle of these appliances.

The NetInsights Console leverages the information in the database with the analysis power of the Veritas Predictive Insights engine to deliver actionable recommendations and tailored insights for software and appliance solutions, all within a single interface for a cohesive experience.

The NetInsights Console includes three components for managing your data protection environment:

  • System Health Insights
  • Usage Insights
  • Appliance Deployment Planner

With System Health Insights you can understand health, operational state and determine key data in your registered Veritas systems with global monitoring insights and recommendations.

Usage Insights helps you manage your Veritas NetBackup deployment more efficiently, spot trends, and plan for the future. With accurate, near-real-time reporting and a graphical display of usage trends, Usage Insights reveals the total amount of data that is protected.

Appliance Deployment Planner offers a new online, secure coordination process to capture everything needed to install and deploy your system.

The NetInsights Console forms the core of your data protection lifecycle management strategy. Learn more at

Roger Stein
Product Marketing Manager, Appliances
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