Achieve Sustainable IT by Modernising your Data Backup and Recovery

Veritas Perspectives January 25, 2023

The IT sector is responsible for around 1% of global carbon emissions. This output supports the operation of a wide range of assets and infrastructure across the typical estate, including IT hardware and devices, cloud computing and virtualisation, network and communication systems, and applications and data.

The push for better environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives has brought carbon output into sharp focus. While it is now seen as an area where energy reduction and improved efficiency are clearly achievable, only 18% of organisations have a comprehensive sustainable IT strategy.

While this resource is used to power the thriving digital economy, waste is an ongoing concern. Energy-intensive tasks such as storage and backups add significantly to energy usage, yet the value of this data – particularly in the case of legacy or dark data – may be negligible.

How can businesses resolve this tension between powering critical IT requirements and lowering their digital carbon footprint?

The answer lies in effective data management. Priority areas include:

  • Consolidating onto advanced backup technologies to minimise storage consumption for backup data can dramatically reduce their resource burden when compared to less sophisticated native tools
  • Digital compliance, including automated archiving and Disaster Recovery (DR) positioning.
  • Identifying and clarifying critical data, along with deleting redundant, obsolete, or trivial data.

By focusing on these areas, leadership can fulfil their primary objectives for creating highly performant and secure IT, while simultaneously creating more sustainable, low carbon infrastructure to support their modernisation programmes.

In my video, I discuss how Veritas and Fujitsu are using data management to achieve significant energy savings across sectors. Using a Data Driven Transformation Strategy (DDTS), our teams offer joint customers a structured programme of transformation, which includes defining baseline insights and architecture goals, along with supporting services for seamless platform migrations, data protection and value extraction.

DDTS provides the necessary support for our customers to pursue a sustainable IT strategy for their business, reducing the environmental impact of their operations while allowing for resilience and fast recovery in the event of downtime.

Toby Keen
Alliance Director, EMEA and India of Veritas