NetBackup Deployment Options: Optimize Data Protection TCO for Your Organization

Protection February 16, 2021

Recently, I wanted to purchase a new bicycle, but after initial research, I was surprised by the volume of choices available. For conventional choices, there was everything from road, mountain, racing, and even cargo bikes, then you add in the trendy options, like electric-assist, beachcomber, and fat-tire. To top it off, all of these options were from one company. 


At first glance, you would think the number of options is bewildering. But I knew how I wanted to use my bike, and with the help of the sales support, I was able to narrow the selection down quickly. With all the choices available, I purchased a solution that met my physical fitness goals, reduced my gas consumption, and maximized my enjoyment.


If the company offered only one variety of bicycles, I could not customize the bike style to fit my requirements or maximize the enjoyment of my bicycling experience. 


Today, enterprises have a broad range of data protection needs, including databases, virtual environments, engineering applications, financial applications, remote and branch offices, the central datacenter, and workloads in the cloud. They also need to support various users, application owners, lines of business, and IT generalists. Finally, organizations need to respond to changes in the business environment quickly. A one-size-fits-all data protection solution will not meet the diverse needs of the modern enterprise. It’s a primary reason that sometimes you’ll find multiple point products deployed throughout an enterprise for ostensibly the same thing; data protection. 

Veritas offers multiple deployment options for NetBackup software. It allows our customers to flexibly deploy a single, enterprise-wide data protection solution that reduces risks and optimizes their total cost of ownership. On January 26, Veritas introduced NetBackup Flex Scale, a new scale-out deployment option for NetBackup. NetBackup Flex Scale extends NetBackup to address ruse cases such as pay-as-you-grow scale-out and cloud-like automation for self-service data protection, while keeping a consistent data protection solution across the whole enterprise. Application owners can now create and support their own data protection solutions. It’s the same NetBackup that you already trust with your data – now in an automated scale-out architecture.

The NetBackup Flex deployment option offers ransomware resilience and the capability to reduce costs by consolidating multiple NetBackup deployments on a single appliance. Multiple releases of NetBackup can be run on a NetBackup Flex Appliance, simplifying upgrades and management. In addition to support for the central data center on the 5240 appliance, NetBackup Flex can be deployed on our compact 5150 appliances for a cost-effective solution in remote and branch offices.

NetBackup Appliances offer an optimized configuration of NetBackup to achieve fast deployment and easy support. Organizations avoid the time and expense of integrating NetBackup with an operating system and the hardware, and then optimizing the integration to get the highest performance. You can manage multiple appliances from a single pane of glass with Appliance Management Server, and with a proactive call home support, appliances are always up and running.

Finally, a customer can download NetBackup and deploy it on their own hardware. This is an attractive deployment solution for organizations with infrastructure expertise and deep knowledge of their data protection environment.

With the NetBackup Flex Scale, NetBackup Flex, NetBackup Appliances, and NetBackup S/W an organization can deploy a single, enterprise-class data protection solution without any compromise or random point products. They can choose the mix of flexible deployment modes best suited to the workload requirements, resulting in the lowest TCO for their organization.

With the confidence that they have world-class enterprise data protection covering the entire organization from the edge-to-core-to-cloud, and the lowest TCO, the data protection specialist and application owners can spend more time on their weekend enjoying their own style of bike riding.

To find out more about NetBackup Flex Scale, NetBackup Flex, and NetBackup Appliances, visit the Appliance Solutions page on and watch the NetBackup Flex Scale announcement and technical breakout session recordings from the Conquer Every Cloud Virtual Conference.

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Roger Stein
Product Marketing Manager, Appliances
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