Insights to Achieving Cyber Resilience with Zero Doubt


I recently sat down with Tim Burlowski, Global Lead for Cyber Resilience & Data Protection Strategy at Veritas, and Sally Eaves, renowned technologist, and advocate for ethical AI, on her podcast, "Tomorrow's Tech Today." Our discussion centered on achieving cyber resilience with zero doubt. You can listen to our conversation here.

In this episode, we address how the integration of Generative AI into business operations compels us to redefine cybersecurity strategies. We discuss how the sophistication and scope of cyber threats are expanding as rapidly as the technology itself.

This reality necessitates a shift from traditional, often reactive security measures to a more proactive approach. The conversation also highlighted how our new AI-powered operational assistant, Veritas Alta™ Copilot empowers organizations. Veritas Alta Copilot utilizes Generative AI to simplify complex data management tasks, ensuring that businesses can preemptively address potential vulnerabilities. 

Our discussion ventured into the broader implications of these advancements in AI, including the necessity for ongoing employee education and the evolving landscape of regulatory compliance to keep pace with the rapid innovation.

To keep up with the advances in Generative AI, check out our Explore AI series on YouTube.

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Varun Grover
Global Lead, AI