Confidently manage complex data and storage environments with Veritas and Infinidat

Idées August 17, 2022

As we prepare to meet in sunny San Francisco, California August 29th – September 1st for VMware Explore 2022, take a look at the value that the Veritas Technology Ecosystem provides in a hybrid, multi-cloud world. As an example, Infinidat and Veritas have been key partners in tackling the challenges of an increasingly complex data lifecycle. Pairing Veritas’ unique ability to manage and protect business-critical data across an enterprise’s entire footprint with Infinidat’s industry-leading storage solutions, we enable our customers to confidently manage even the most complex data and storage environments. I met with Infinidat’s Director of Alliances, Mike Jochimsen, to chat about what makes us such a great partnership.

Q. Thanks for joining us at the upcoming VMware Explore conference.  Can you tell me about Infinidat and the partnership with Veritas?  

A. Infinidat sells InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA primary storage platforms to consolidate enterprise workloads thanks to their high performance, density and scalability, all while maintaining industry-leading performance in real-world workloads with latency as low as 35 microseconds.  For many years we have offered a 100% data availability guarantee and have recently expanded on our primary storage guarantees to provide our customers with a performance guarantee and our InfiniSafe Cyber Storage Guarantees. For secondary backup storage, we offer our InfiniGuard modern data protection and cyber storage appliance which provides multi-petabyte performance at scale with rapid backup and restore and our InfiniSafe technologies, providing cyber resiliency to help mitigate ransomware attacks by being able to recover an entire backup data store regardless of size, in minutes.  By the way, there is NO additional cost for InfiniSafe on any of our platforms!   

We want our customers to be able to buy our products in a way that works best for their company and needs.  We offer multiple options for customers to invest in our platforms, including traditional CapEx and two consumption-based models; Elastic Pricing for capacity on demand and our FLX Storage as a Service subscription.  

Our partnership with Veritas is built around our tight integration with NetBackup for rapid backup and restore, NetBackup IT Analytics for ensuring backup integrity and mitigating risk, and InfoScale for single pane of glass management of Infinidat solutions in a heterogeneous environment. The combination of these solutions provides our customers with a very scalable high-performance solution, while protecting them from natural disasters and cyber events.  

Q. You mentioned performance at scale. What details can you share about that? 

A. Customer data volumes continue to grow, putting more pressure on backup windows and threatening RTO and RPO SLAs and the ability to complete backups within the allocated window. The tight integration between us enables that performance at scale, allowing the customer to meet RTO and RPO objectives regardless of the growth in their data. NetBackup Snapshot Manager integrates to our primary storage platform allowing for creation and backup from snapshots, which reduces the burden on production systems. Our InfiniGuard backup appliance is certified as a NetBackup Open Storage Technology (OST) target, delivering online variable block size deduplication to NetBackup. We also support NetBackup Accelerator running deduplication on the media agents and within the application servers. The native deduplication-aware storage replication capabilities of InfiniGuard are integrated to be controlled by NetBackup Optimized Deduplication (Opt-Dup) and Auto Image Replication (AIR) while being managed by NetBackup Storage Lifecycle Policy to create catalog-aware remote backup copies. 

On top of that InfiniGuard provides industry-leading performance for data protection and backup with in-line ingest rates of up to 180TB/hour and unmatched recovery performance, be it a single file or large-scale DR needs. A comprehensive DR strategy requires well-defined best practices to ensure data validity, as well as near-instantaneous recovery of your backup repositories, regardless of size.  As we discussed earlier, InfiniGuard with InfiniSafe technologies does just that, in minutes, making it easy for secure data validation and DR recovery testing. 

Q. Cyber resiliency is a hot topic these days. How does the joint solution help mitigate that?   

A. Security goes beyond things like role-based access controls and multi-factor authentication. With cyber threats targeting your data protection first, you need to have a solution that extends beyond just access controls. InfiniGuard’s encryption, replication, and data-isolation capabilities take advantage of Infinidat’s common product architecture, leveraging InfiniBox for more layers of data security. Our InfiniSafe technologies strengthen your data defenses even further and give you the ability to further isolate and secure data with our four-pillar approach to cyber resiliency:  immutable snapshots, logical air gaps, a fenced forensic environment, and near-instantaneous recovery for data validation and recovery purposes. The value of our joint solution comes in ability to give customers the power to rapidly bring up a “last known good” copy of their environment for forensic analysis. This allows the customer, using Veritas or other third-party tools, to validate that the copy of data is in fact “good” – free from malware or other anomalies that would prevent a clean restore to production.  

Q. How does this joint capability apply to a customer’s VMware environment? 

A. The jointly integrated solution ensures that secure point-in-time copies of vSphere and Tanzu environments can be maintained, providing near-instantaneous recovery with comprehensive cyber security, as part of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan leveraging InfiniGuard InfiniSafe support for capabilities such as NetBackup SLP, NetBackup Accelerator as well as VMware specific capabilities of NBU such as Instant Access, CDP and Auto Discovery and Protection.


As you can see, the Infinidat and Veritas partnership offers a scalable high-performance solution that is cyber resilient across your VMware estate, regardless of where you are at in your hybrid-cloud and app modernization journeys. We encourage you to click here for all our VMware Explore San Francisco activities and stop by the Veritas booth #1501 to hear more about our partnership and how it can benefit your organization. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Jim Brown
Global Alliances Director
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