It All Starts With Virtualization

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Veritas NetBackup™ has been the gold standard in data protection for nearly three decades and we've partnered with VMware since 2002…that’s 18 years.

An 18-year trusted partnership means NetBackup is the leader in VMware protection:

  • 128 million virtual machines (VMs) protected.
  • 2,800 PBs of VMware data.
  • 195 VMware patents.
  • Consistent performance that scales to over 100,000 VMs.


"It All Starts with Virtualization"
Join the Veritas Team to learn how NetBackup automatically discovers and protects new or moved VMs and how with a few clicks you can protect your entire VMware environment based on easily created rules on vCenter parameters or tags.



Tom Simerson
West Sales Engineer

Stephen Stange
West SE Manager