For Cloud Backup, Veritas and Azure Have Your Back Join us to discover how a single console unifies on-premises and cloud data protection.

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At Veritas, we make it easy for you to protect your data, ensure business uptime, and enable recovery from anywhere. See how Veritas and Microsoft Azure have partnered to modernize your backup infrastructure by providing security and accessibility.

  • Veritas supports backup to and backup in Azure
  • Single console to unify on-premises and cloud data protection
  • Deliver business insights from cloud data analytics



    Anthony Cusimano
    Cloud Solutions Marketing, Veritas

    Anthony is a video game‒obsessed hermit. He and his wife enjoy locking themselves in their private offices and doing nothing more than playing online games with their friends across the globe for hours. He’s fascinated with the abstract and the surreal and enjoys the films of Lynch and the music of Reznor. When not being a completely pretentious hipster, he enjoys talking, learning and messing around with cloud technologies and next-gen dev tools.

    Saurabh Sensharma
    Senior Manager Azure Storage Partnerships, Microsoft

    Saurabh is a Senior Program Manager on the Azure Storage team, focused on Backup, Archive and Disaster Recovery ISVs and Partners. Saurabh has 10+ years of industry experience covering diverse areas across mobile and cloud-computing domains, including Cloud Infrastructure and Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery, and holds 3 US patents.