Veritas Trust Center

Veritas REDLab

Real-world threat testing in a secure environment.

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Veritas REDLab is a fully isolated, in-house security lab where we proactively validate our cyber resiliency capabilities, including anomaly detection, malware detection, and product security posture. We test our software against the world’s worst malware so you can be confident that our solutions will protect you from unexpected downtime, data loss, and data theft.

Strengthening Your Cyber Resilience

For more than 30 years, Veritas has helped organizations successfully manage, protect, and recover their data while navigating every major IT transformation. To maintain that tradition of excellence, we are committed to ensuring our solutions are tested and validated as able to stand up against the latest threats. That’s the reason we established Veritas REDLab.

Fully Isolated

Provides an isolated environment air-gapped from all Veritas network infrastructure.

Test & Validate

Uses live malware and ransomware variants to simulate real-world scenarios.


Creates a secure facility purpose-built to study the intricate details of cyber threats.

Veritas backs up its words with action. We take your data security seriously. Data security is ingrained in our core values; therefore we leverage a secure, isolated REDLab to rigorously orchestrate pen testing, identify new attack vectors, update defense mechanisms, and validate our top-notch solutions.
Sonali Jeurkar
Director of SQA Engineering