SaaS Protection

SharePoint Online


Get Microsoft 365 API-based data protection and archiving.

Don’t depend on native data recovery features as your main method of file restoration. Get backup that scales and delivers with NetBackup SaaS Protection. Discover how this highly secure, segregated solution protects against malware and the accidental — or malicious — deletion of your organization‘s data.



  • End-user self service
  • Dedicated single-tenant cloud instance keeps your backup data segregated
  • Unlimited retention and 24/7/365 access to backup data
  • Immutable storage protects your data from alteration
  • Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo support for simplified compliance with data sovereignty regulations
  • Compliance, archiving, and eDiscovery

Security Features

  • Azure AD integration
  • Dedicated, single-tenant security hardening
  • SOC 2-compliant instances
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Multifactor authentication

SharePoint Online Data Protection

  • Seamless integration with the Microsoft 365 APIs provides backup with no Azure data egress charges
  • Incremental backups copy only the changes, saving time and bandwidth while still allowing full restores
  • Restore select files or all the data belonging to specific users of groups — or an entire site collection — to their original location, the alternate location of your choice, or package for export
  • Maintain versions, notes, and tags on items you restore
  • Scale your data with unlimited backup storage

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