The challenge

As the company grew and expanded into new markets, complex storage infrastructure made it difficult and time consuming to collect and analyze backup information. Home-grown solution couldn’t be customized easily, requiring complex and redundant programming. Compliance requirements constantly change, requiring a dynamic backup reporting tool.

The solution

The wireless solutions provider deployed APTARE Backup Manager across its 11 global data centers. The solution delivers real-time status of the entire storage environment, as well as historical comparisons to support backup process improvement. The backup information is also archived, preserving the acquired process insights. The database and reporting mechanism of APTARE IT Analytics are integrated with the company’s ticketing system to create a unified solution that is able to identify, track, analyze, resolve, and report on backup errors.

The outcome

With APTARE IT Analytics, the wireless provider now has a dynamic backup reporting tool that has streamlined reporting and auditing processes, enabled more efficient backup architecture, and boosted the confidence of business unit mangers in the protection of their data.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

Backup success rate improved from 90 percent to 99.8 percent

Backup reporting costs reduced 20-30 percent based on streamlined processes

Save $60000 per year in hardware costs through more efficient backup architecture

Save $1500 per year in lost productivity as a result of streamlined auditing processes

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