The challenge

With 8,000 users and 40 TB of data, the VMware-based SAP application servers and physical database servers requires 24x7 availability. Testing in the legacy environment indicated that a data center disaster would have taken 3 weeks to recover from, and would have cost $32 million. The joint venture needed a high availability solution to ensure the SAP environment never went down.

The solution

SAP application and database servers run on an InfoScale platform, and Veritas Resiliency Platform replicates SAP information between the joint venture's two data centers. If a system fails, Veritas Resiliency Platform alerts the disaster recovery administrator, who initiates failover.

The outcome

The solution cost 60% less than the alternative the joint venture considered, and because it is hardware-agnostic, it can easily accommodate changes in the IT infrastructure.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

Zero downtime of SAP means no pause in business operations due to system failure

Cost avoidance potentially in the millions of dollars per data center incident

No reduction in SAP performance during replication process

Minimal staff time required for single-pane-of-glass management across virtual and physical machnies

Products / services used