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Cyprus Trading Corporation Plc

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Cyprus Trading Corporation Plc




Nicosia, Cyprus


Approx. 2,000


Cyprus Trading Corporation Plc (CTC) was using five different data protection solutions to back up and recover information across a disparate IT infrastructure. For resiliency purposes, the company engaged a third party to transport tape backups offsite. Efficiency suffered in this environment, as management and monitoring of data protection required one full-time equivalent (FTE) in staff time. The approach also raised compliance concerns and risked substantial data loss in the event of ransomware or other disasters.


CTC deployed a Veritas NetBackup Appliance in each of its two on-premises data centers and a NetBackup software instance on a virtual machine (VM) in each of its two Microsoft Azure cloud environments (North and West Europe Microsoft Azure sites). On-premises data backs up to a physical appliance first, then NetBackup Auto Image Replication (AIR) replicates the backups from the on-premises data centers to the Azure cloud. Veritas Resiliency Platform orchestrates the VM replications between all four sites (two on-premises and two in Azure). Meanwhile, the CloudPoint feature of the NetBackup VMs provides Azure-native snapshot backups for the company’s cloud applications.


The Veritas solution has reduced the amount of staff time CTC must dedicate to data protection to less than an hour a day, eliminating almost all of the FTE previously required. Backups and data restores complete in a fraction of the time they required previously, and the efficiency of NetBackup’s approach to backup storage has reduced the company’s spending on Azure storage by 25%. Most important, stakeholders throughout the organization have a renewed confidence in CTC’s ability to recover should a ransomware or other disaster strike.