The challenge

Concrete Road Holdings (CRH) wanted to outsource its global operations, including the datacentre. It had also acquired its largest competitor and needed to integrate that company’s data into its data protection scheme.

The solution

Veritas Partner Fujitsu Ireland used Veritas NetBackup to protect all of CRH’s critical data at its headquarters, and Veritas Enterprise Vault to archive the company’s Microsoft Exchange data. The new acquisition was accommodated by simply adding NetBackup capacity through the per-TB licensing model.

The outcome

CRH is assured that its 90 TB of business-critical data is protected, as well as the data from the newly acquired company.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

Reduced data protection CAPEX by outsourcing

Assurance of ready access to critical data in any event

Easy support for business growth through additional NetBackup licenses

Products / services used