University Recruiting

Engaging the brightest minds and industry leaders

Launch a bold and exciting career at Veritas!

At Veritas, we encourage our employees to be bold, to be brave and to be big thinkers!  Our University Program is dedicated to engaging today’s brightest minds, along with our industry leaders, to collaborate on our corporate playground and bring smart ideas to life.


Take the opportunity to gain an invaluable and unique experience that will distinguish you from others.  At Veritas, we relentlessly focus on the development of your career and encourage you to achieve your very best. Veritas interns engage with executive staff and participate in a variety of fun and educational events.

University Graduates

Attracting tops minds from top colleges is a vital part of our company strategy. As a Veritas employee, you will have the opportunity to work side by side with experts in your field, intelligently collaborating on our products and services.

MBA Graduates

Being bold and direct is encouraged at Veritas. We draw the very best people with a variety of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives from leading business schools. MBAs work in creative environments where they can interact with leading technologies, work with emerging products and drive the next level of innovation.

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