Availability and Resiliency for the Modern Enterprise

Availability February 23, 2021

Do you have multiple IT applications with different availability and resiliency requirements?

Are you currently using multiple independent solutions to manage availability and resiliency for your applications?

Would a single solution that can provide any RPO and RTO for any application you have increase your ability to provide a better experience for your end-users?

If so, then you need Veritas!  Used by industry-leading organizations, Veritas has a long-standing history of providing innovative and trusted solutions for managing high availability and resiliency for IT applications and services—on-premises and in the cloud.

With proven solutions for mission-critical high availability, infrastructure resiliency, and system recovery, Veritas can provide a unified approach to managing availability and resiliency for nearly any IT service.  With a simple and modern user interface, Veritas focuses on providing a smooth user experience that helps you simplify operations and maximize resource utilization by centralizing High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) operations for all your applications.  Veritas can help you manage several common challenges:

  • Single interface for managing and visualizing application availability
  • Supports nearly any application with any uptime requirement
  • Centralized business-level reporting from a single source
  • Integrated data corruption and ransomware protection

Veritas can help reduce your operating costs by eliminating the complexity associated with using multiple independent availability solutions. Let’s check out how you can easily manage availability and resiliency for any of your IT applications and services.


The integrated Veritas solution is a single vendor platform that can provide any level of availability and resiliency for your applications and resources.  Figure 1 shows an example of how we do this.

Veritas gives you end-to-end visibility and control over HADR operations for all your applications, from a single easy-to-use interface.  This lets you manage HADR for applications based on their business value while giving you the confidence that your IT services are highly available and resilient. The solution provides several other benefits:

  • Accelerate operations and decision making with better visibility
  • Eliminate user error and manual processes by automating HADR operations
  • Manage complex tasks with minimal intervention
  • Business and system-level reporting with proactive risk analysis


Veritas provides availability and resiliency for nearly any application regardless of uptime requirements, RPO and RTO.  The unified approach ensures smooth and simple HADR management for:

  • Mission-critical applications that need to be ‘always on’
  • High and middle impact applications that can tolerate a wider range of downtime
  • Lower impact applications that have less demanding availability requirements

Comprehensive reporting is always important for ensuring smooth operations with maximum service uptime. Veritas has a long list of pre-configured reports and you can also create customized reports that can be automatically distributed across your organization.  Reports can be scheduled, or they can be run on-demand – all from a centralized location.   There are several types of reports available:

  • Status reports: give you real-time information on system and replication health
  • Audit reports:  help prove compliance with business continuity standards
  • Risk analysis:  see information about current and historical issues affecting resiliency

Figure 2 provides a view of the user interface that acts as a single point of availability and resiliency orchestration, visibility, and reporting for all applications.


Individual systems and entire IT business services can be included in easily configured resiliency plans and evacuation plans that can fully automate your resiliency operations.  You can use resiliency and evacuation plans to easily recover applications and entire business services in a secondary location with a single click.

Veritas has a unique feature called Virtual Business Services (VBS) which lets you manage availability and disaster recovery for a complex multi-tiered application as a single logical service.  VBS is aware of the dependencies between application tiers and can manage the entire business service provided by the application without manual intervention. This means faster recovery and minimal downtime while providing a smooth and consistent end-user experience. Figure 2 shows an example of what this might look like in your environment.


Can you successfully recover applications from data corruption? Are you worried about ransomware?  Given the serious nature and increasing frequency of ransomware attacks, it’s more important than ever to be able to recover applications and systems as quickly as possible with minimal data loss. The integrated Veritas solution can protect your applications from both data corruption and ransomware attacks with:

  • Continuous data checkpoints derived from real-time data replication
  • Automated recovery for individual systems, applications, and multi-tier business services

Figure 4 shows the different techniques Veritas provides to protect your applications.

eritas natively provides all 3 options for recovering from data corruption or ransomware attacks, giving you flexibility to choose the best recovery option based on application and business requirements. The integrated replication, backup, and continuous checkpoints provides the advanced protection model needed to recover any application from data corruption or a ransomware attack as fast and efficiently as possible, with minimal data loss.


Managing availability and resiliency for today’s IT environments is complex and costly when using multiple independent products.  It also reduces your visibility into application availability status and increases the risk of downtime for your IT services. Veritas solves this problem with advanced integration that lets you proactively manage availability and resiliency for any application. With Veritas, you get a single vendor platform with site-wide visibility, intelligent automation, system management functionality, and comprehensive reporting that lets you run your IT applications and services with the confidence that they are highly available and resilient – on-premises and in the cloud.

Please check out our solution overview paper for more information.

Ryan Behiel
Senior Principle Technical Marketing, SDS and Appliances
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