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Hybrid Cloud Backup — Taking snapshot management to the next level with Veritas CloudPoint

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NetBackup user or not, you should take a close look at this latest ESG Solution Showcase.

Veritas knows enterprise data protection inside and out. We have developed a way to bring together on-prem and cloud backups in a manner that is not only operationally efficient, but also extremely fast and feature rich: Veritas CloudPoint.

The solution has the benefit of working as a standalone cloud backup product or in combination with Veritas NetBackup. Most importantly, it protects both traditional and next-generation workloads, regardless of whether the data lives onsite, or in the cloud.

In this solution showcase, ESG Research explores:

  • The challenging world of enterprise data protection,
  • The central role of snapshots on-premises and in the cloud,
  • Veritas CloudPoint: the best of both worlds.

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