Liverpool John Moores University

Industry: Education
Headquarters: Liverpool England
Employees: 2,500

The Challenge

As data grew, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) needed to reduce backup and recovery times in a legacy disk-to-tape backup environment.

The Solution

The University deployed two Veritas NetBackup Appliances because of strong ratings from analysts and recommendations from other university IT teams.

The Outcome

An 75 percent reduction in backup times, up to 90 percent reduction in recovery times, six-figure annual savings from deduplication, GB£20,000 savings from minimizing tape use, and 80% reduction in weekly backup administration time.

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75% reduction in full backup times


85% deduplication enabling six-figure annual storage savings


Up to 90% reduction in recovery times


GB£20,000 savings from minimizing use of tape

Products / Services Used

Veritas NetBackup Appliances