Introducing NetBackup 9 and the Flex Scale Deployment Option

Veritas Perspectives September 26, 2021

The last ten months alone have produced more digital transformation than the last ten years! We have seen dramatic scaling of remote data and systems to unprecedented levels while accelerating work from home productivity and tackling the challenge of business resilience.  In addition, the state sponsored security breaches at US Government and private sector have also gone to a new level.  It has been both impressive and scary to watch the impact. I expect that even in a post-pandemic world, the pace of this digital transformation will continue.   The need for ransomware protection, data protection and infrastructure resiliency will see increasing demands for innovative solutions.  At VERITAS, this has been our business for over 25 years.

We know that our customers are at this crucial juncture. Although many have been successful, accelerated growth doesn’t come without its challenges and risks. Technology gaps, multiple point products, incompatible technologies, soaring costs, security concerns, edge products that are not enterprise-grade, and unexpected downtime can all be challenges of enterprises transforming their technologies at this velocity. Veritas provides solutions to solve these challenges. Providing secure data protection, solutions to eliminate silos, reduce risk to ransomware attacks, help ensure compliance and governance requirements are met, and automate to simplify managements and maximize ROI. 

That’s why I’m proud to announce the release of NetBackup 9, the most powerful and widely adopted data protection and recovery solution in the world. Designed to ensure business-critical resilience, streamline data protection management, and deliver customer choice with a single platform supporting any workload, any cloud, any data source and with the introduction of NetBackup Flex Scale, beginning today, any deployment architecture—all at scale.  


Offering customers a software-defined scale-out deployment option based on Veritas’ validated reference hardware designs, NetBackup Flex Scale’s new architecture provides a scale-out approach to data protection that delivers cloud-like simplicity and scalability in an on-premises data center. With NetBackup Flex Scale, businesses no longer need to forecast capacity needs and provision in anticipation of future growth. Instead, they are able to simply add more nodes as and when they are required. By allowing enterprises to extend their standardization on Veritas to include scale-out use cases, this new functionality frees customers from the management complexity associated with disparate point solutions for data protection. Adding scale-out functionality to the industry’s most trusted data protection platform is extremely exciting, especially as it expands customer choice while reducing complexity, cost, and risk.  


The launch of NetBackup 9 further reinforces Veritas’ focus on abstracting the complexity of enterprise IT. Let’s take a deeper look into what our latest release has added to streamline management of environments through orchestrated automation of discovery, protection, and recovery. 

  • Advanced, policy-driven automation to manage all aspects of deployment, provisioning, scaling, load-balancing, cloud integration, and recovery operations.  
  • Auto-discovery of workloads to accelerate time-to-value for data protection services, eliminate gaps in protection and reduce risk.  
  • An API-first focus that expands and deepens integrations into enterprises existing toolchains and cloud-based workflows. 
  • Optimize the public cloud with seamless workload and data portability in the cloud, including Azure Stack to Azure Stack and Azure region-to-region, with orchestrated DR using Veritas Resiliency Platform integration.   
  • Use long-term retention (LTR) with enhanced retention period and efficient direct-to-cloud LTR tiering, now adding support for Azure Archive.  
  • Experience time-saving NAS protection with Dynamic NAS (DNAS) data protection, providing the ability to resume a backup or restore a job at a specific point in time without starting over with Checkpoint Restart.  


In addition to dramatically reducing the costs and the burden of administrative management, NetBackup 9 also significantly supercharges our support for OpenStack both on-premises and in public clouds. NetBackup for OpenStack provides cloud-native, streamlined data protection of OpenStack workloads with agentless, API-driven automation, efficient resource utilization, built-in multi-tenant control, and rapid, end-to-end, point-in-time granular recovery from edge to core to cloud. Now our customers can use a familiar, comfortable management environment consistent with the OpenStack framework.   


Engineered to strengthen an organization’s resiliency at any scale, NetBackup provides secured protection and recovery for all infrastructures—physical, virtual, and cloud. Backed by over 2,100 global patents, we lead the industry as a trusted solution with 100+ exabytes of data under management. Our competitors can’t touch our at-scale disaster recovery and near-zero recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO), with scale-out protection for petabyte-scale workloads. In NetBackup 9, we’ve increased retention policies to 30+ years to help customers meet the most stringent compliance requirements and included more improvements in security and platform hardening, improving NetBackup’s already industry-leading ransomware resiliency capabilities.

I am so excited for what this means for our customers everywhere—Scale-out done right for data protection. Every single deployment model; software-defined, BYO, purpose-built appliance, scale-up, scale-out, cloud-native, hybrid—means freedom of choice for our customers, all while reducing complexity, cost, and risk. And we continue to push the limits and lead the industry with our solutions that ensure business-critical resiliency, operational simplicity, choice, and flexibility. There is a reason that more than 87% of the Fortune Global 500 choose Veritas NetBackup. Only NetBackup supports more than 800+ different data sources, 1,400 storage targets, 60+ clouds, and can be deployed in any form factor – and any deployment mode: scale-up, scale-out, and cloud-native, hybrid all from a single, unified platform.

Ready to upgrade or renew NetBackup? Contact your preferred Veritas Channel Partner or Veritas Account Manager today to discuss your options. If you're unsure who to contact, email our Customer Care team or request a call from our Sales Team. 

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Deepak Mohan
EVP, Veritas Product Organization
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