SaaS Protection

Take control of your SaaS data. Get reliable protection.


Enterprise adoption of SaaS is rising fast.

SaaS applications enable thousands of employees to work together from separate locations with ease.

It's important to be aware of the shared-responsibility model adopted by SaaS providers: They provide the applications, but you protect the application data.

Back up Microsoft 365 with protection that scales.

With Veritas NetBackup Saas Protection for Microsoft 365, you can recover from all data loss scenarios and eliminate threats such as ransomware and accidental/malicious deletion.

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Exchange Online Backup

Reliable, high-performance data protection for email.

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SharePoint Online Backup

Reliable backup and recovery for mission-critical collaboration tools.

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OneDrive Backup

Full enterprise-grade data protection that goes beyond native file restoration.

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Teams Backup

API-based Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) that provides message capture, fast recovery, and enterprise-grade security.

NetBackup SaaS Protection extends data protection to SaaS applications.

In addition to the Microsoft suite, NetBackup SaaS Protection also extends its enterprise data protection to widely used applications.

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Google Drive Backup

NetBackup SaaS Protection provides organizations with a segregated backup of Google Drive data that scales as data grows.

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Box Backup

A fully managed backup and archive solution for Box, NetBackup SaaS Protections provides seamless API integration.

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Slack Backup

A true backup solution for Slack Enterprise users. Instantly capture and backup all data in your workspaces, channels, and files.

NetBackup SaaS Protection (formerly HubStor) has provided Oxford Health with the confidence to grow into the cloud safely, knowing all our Microsoft 365 data is backed up and protected within our own Azure tenancy, benefiting from Microsoft’s storage flexibility. The NetBackup SaaS Protection technology is a stable, feature-rich, and easy-to-use cloud backup solution.

– Mark Walker, Head of IT, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Veritas NetBackup SaaS Protection has everything you need to use all your applications freely and effectively.

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Flexible Recovery

Restore data to its original location or recover data to an alternate location of your choice. Easily package data for export for authorized users.

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Performance and Scalability

Get the high performance you need to shorten recovery point objectives (RPOs). Discover a solution that scales infinitely and seamlessly to grow as your data grows.

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Enterprise-Grade Security

Keep your data from prying eyes with a single tenant for each customer, multifactor authentication, and end-to-end encryption.

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Automatic Compliance Enforcement

Set your compliance criteria and have your backup and archive data automatically comply with any regulations for data retention or sovereignty.

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A Single, Unified Management Console

Manage all your data sources, locations, and cloud regions from a single SaaS console, no matter the number. Reduce time spent managing solutions. Simplify policy standardization across all business units and locations.

Protect your SaaS application data with Veritas.