How to run the conversion manually to convert Deduplication folder in Backup Exec 21 if automatic conversion as part of the backup exec upgrade fails

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Backup Exec 2014,15,16 used Dedupe version 7. When Backup Exec is upgraded from these BE version to Backup Exec 20 or 21, BE converts this Dedupe version from 7 to 10 or 7 to 12 respectively or 10 to 12 if BE is upgraded from version 20 to 21. In case the dedupe storage conversion (which is part of the Backup Exec upgrade ) fails then a manual conversion post the upgrade can be run to ensure Dedupe Storage is compatible with that Backup Exec release.


Backup Exec Deduplication version 7 to 10 i.e. BE upgrade from 2014,15,16 to BE 20 refer Dedupe Folder\log\convert\ conversion logs for errors w.r.t dedupe conversion failure.

Backup Exec Deduplication version 10 to 12 i.e. BE upgrade from 20 to 21 refer Dedupe folder\log\spoold\dataconvert log for errors w.r.t dedupe conversion failure.

PDDEMigrationStatus values and what it means ( this one shows value 9 which is from a successful conversion)

0 - DD10MigrationStatusNoMigrationRequired – No conversion required.
1 - DD10MigrationStatusNeedsMigration – DD7 folder detected, conversion to DD10 is required.
2 - DD10MigrationStatusMigrationInProgress – Conversion to DD10 is in progress. Auto-conversion triggered by beserver is resumed or in progress.
3 - DD10MigrationStatusSuccess – Auto conversion triggered by beserver is successful.
4 - DD10MigrationStatusFailure – Auto conversion triggered by beserver failed.
5 - DD10MigrationStatusSuccessBEServicesRestartPending – Conversion of Dedupe data to DD10 is successful. Service restart is pending
6 - DD10MigrationStatusSuccessDD12ConversionRequired – DD7 conversion to DD10, now conversion to DD12 is required.
7 - DD12ConversionRequired – DD10 folder detected, conversion to DD12 is required.
8 - DD12ConversionInProgress – DD12 conversion is in progress. Conversion is triggered by dedupe services. Beserver periodically tracks the conversion status.
9 - DD12ConversionCompletedSuccessfully – Conversion to DD12 is successful.
10 - DD12ConversionStatusWarning – Conversion to DD12 is stuck, received warning in data conversion output.
11 -DD12ConversionFailure – Conversion to DD12 failed.


  • Error processing the metadata entries during conversion to the newer Deduplication format.
  • Import of BE 2014,15,16 version Dedupe folder in Backup Exec 21.




Check the status of conversion with help of above logs or registry as mentioned in the error section.
The 2 scenarios that may be possible are mentioned in the cause section.

1. If Dedupe conversion is stuck or failed while conversion from BE 20 to BE 21 then investigate the cause of the conversion failure by reviewing the logs, resolve it and then restart the BE services which should resume the conversion.

2. If BE 2014,15,16 Deduplication folder is to be imported on BE 21 then first convert the storage to BE 20 dedupe version ( DD 7 version for BE 2014,15,16 and DD 10 version for BE 20 ). After the manual conversion, import this DD 10 version dedupe in BE 20 or BE 21. Note: BE 21 allows import of a BE 20 Dedupe folder.

Steps to manually convert a BE 2014,15,16 Dedupe to BE 20 Dedupe format -

a. Double click on  DD10ConversionPack.exe from Backup Exec 21 ISO ( BE Install Files\BE\WinNT\Install\PDDEMigration ) to extract it to a folder named DD10 in BE Install Path. If the DD10 folder is not manually created before running this DD10ConversionPack, the extraction process would prompt to create it. 

b. Open Command Prompt ( Run as Administrator ). Change Path to BE Install Path\DD10 folder and execute the following command -
PDDE_Convert_DD10.bat --storagepath <path to the DD7 deduplication storage>

Note: There is a double dash infront of storagepath. The dedupe folder should be free from any file system damages or corruption for the conversion to go through without any problem. Disk Storage Lockdown Settings ( BE Global Settings -> Network and Security ) will need to be disabled before running any commands on the Dedupe folder. It should be enabled back after the command completes. The feature was introduced in BE 20.4)

c. When conversion completes, the deduplication folder can be imported in Backup Exec 21 and a couple of service restarts will be needed to restart the conversion from BE 20 version dedupe to BE 21 version dedupe.

Note: The automatic conversion that starts is an online conversion so backups can run alongside. Please track the conversion through the BE alerts or the log files.

Note for Backup Exec 20 Server only: If a BE 2014,15,16 Dedupe Storage is to be manually converted ( in the event that the BE upgrade failed or a older dedupe has to be re-imported ) on a BE 20 Server then PDDE_Convert.bat which is present as part of BE 20 Installation in BE Install Path can be run from the command prompt to convert the storage folder.


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