Introducing Veritas Quick Assist (VQA), our lightweight, easy to use diagnostic tool!

This tool has been designed to enhance your troubleshooting abilities by scanning your environment and collecting technical data about Veritas products.  Once the gathering process has been completed, the data is displayed in a user-friendly interface allowing you to diagnose common problems as well as provide you with valuable self-help solutions. 

In the event VQA is unable to provide a solution for a problem, it can be configured to collect and send data to a Veritas technical support case. You may be asking, what if I do not have a support case?  VQA can also be used to create a case.  Behind the scenes, we will route the case to an appropriate Support Engineer who will then review the data to help understand, diagnose and potentially resolve the issue, saving you time.

VQA currently supports Backup Exec, Data Insight, Desktop and Laptop Option, eDiscovery Platform, Enterprise Vault and System Recovery.

Veritas Quick Assist (VQA) v2.3.150.181 has been released December 11, 2018

Support for the following products:

  •     Veritas System Recovery 18 SP2
  •     Backup Exec 20.2 and 20.3,
  •     eDiscovery Platform 9.1

Enhancements to System Recovery and Backup Exec data collection

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