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NetBackup / Hotfix - Vxupdate / nbinstallagent EEB Bundle Package (Etrack 4047816)

HotFix Critical


This is a nbinstallagent EEB bundle package.


Veritas Bug ID: ET 4047816


Version:  NetBackup


Problem Description:  This is a nbinstallagent EEB bundle package.


Installation Location:  Server (Master/Primary) 


Fixes included in this bundle:


ET 4015365: Performed vxupdate and 4 windows client received 7234 errors.  "Temporary files cannot be removed from the system"
ET 4019473: NBUpdate Fail because bpps command is active
ET 4033018: VXupdate deployment to windows cleints fails with 11 system call failed
ET 4035409: Windows media server upgrades using vxupdate failing with NetBackup SERVER registry value not found. Error code: [7232]
ET 4039494: VxUpdate for hangs on Winodws platforms and logs constantly until the FS becomes full
ET 4042104: VXUpdate failing with status 7226: Can't Write to C:\.

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Install Links:


Using the NetBackup Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) installer


Installing EEBs on a NetBackup 52x0 / 5330 Appliance


Installation Instructions:


1. Download the vxupdate SJA client installation packages for all client platforms that need to be upgraded. After downloaded, add each one to the repository. For example, if there are windows and red hat clients to be upgraded, add these to the master/primary server's repository.


          nbrepo -a vxupdate_nb_8.3.0.1_windows_x64.sja
          nbrepo -a vxupdate_nb_8.3.0.1_redhat_x64.sja

          nbrepo -l 



                 ID    Type                         Version           OS                            File Name
                  --     -------------                    -------               -----------                      -----------------------------------
                  1     server+client            windows_x64          vxupdate_nb_8.3.0.1_windows_x64.sja
                  7      server+client            redhat_x64              vxupdate_nb_8.3.0.1_redhat_x64.sja


VERY IMPORTANT - The vxupdate packages for ALL the clients platforms in the environment have to be downloaded and added before applying the EEB. The EEB will not work as expected if this step is not performed correctly.


2. On the master/primary server, download the eeb installer zip file or appliance RPM.
3. Run eeb installer on master/primary. For example, if windows, execute eebinstaller_4047816_1_AMD64.exe
4. Then from the master/primary host - select the client/s to be upgraded (via host properties or deployment policies) and then run the upgrade by selecting the vxupdate package




Binary Package Contents and checksums for all files (cksum):


File                                                                                              Checksum         Byte count

AMD64/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_redhat_x64.sja                 992364887         2409158
AMD64/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_solaris_sparc.sja             621917856         3294765
AMD64/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_solaris_x64.sja               1285964799        3895805
AMD64/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_suse_x64.sja                   317673929          2434309
AMD64/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_windows_x64.sja            905561158         1855009
linuxR_x86/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_redhat_x64.sja           992364887         2409158
linuxR_x86/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_solaris_sparc.sja       621917856         3294765
linuxR_x86/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_solaris_x64.sja          1285964799       3895805
linuxR_x86/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_suse_x64.sja              317673929         2434309
linuxR_x86/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_windows_x64.sja       905561158        1855009
linuxS_x86/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_redhat_x64.sja            992364887        2409158
linuxS_x86/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_solaris_sparc.sja        621917856        3294765
linuxS_x86/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_solaris_x64.sja           1285964799      3895805
linuxS_x86/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_suse_x64.sja               317673929        2434309
linuxS_x86/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_windows_x64.sja        905561158       1855009
solaris/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_redhat_x64.sja                    992364887       2409158
solaris/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_solaris_sparc.sja                621917856       3294765
solaris/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_solaris_x64.sja                   1285964799     3895805
solaris/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_suse_x64.sja                      317673929        2434309
solaris/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_windows_x64.sja               905561158       1855009
solaris_x86/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_redhat_x64.sja           992364887       2409158
solaris_x86/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_solaris_sparc.sja       621917856       3294765
solaris_x86/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_solaris_x64.sja          1285964799     3895805
solaris_x86/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_suse_x64.sja             17673929          2434309
solaris_x86/nbinstallagent_8.3.0.1_windows_x64.sja      905561158       1855009


Recommended service state:

This EEB may be installed with or without the NetBackup services running.

Update files

File name Description Version Platform Size

Applies to the following product releases