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NetBackup OpsCenter HotFix - After upgrade to unable to access OpsCenter UI (Etrack 4033767)



After upgrade to unable to access OpsCenter UI


Veritas Bug ID:  ET 4033767


Version:  NetBackup


Problem Description: After upgrade to unable to access OpsCenter UI.


Install on: Server (OpsCenter Server)

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Install on:  Server (OpsCenter Server)


Installation Instructions:


Using the NetBackup Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) installer


Installing EEBs on a NetBackup 52x0 / 5330 Appliance





Checksums for all files (cksum):


File                                                                                                                     Checksum         Byte count

all/OpsCenter_LinuxR_x86_x86_64_9001EEB_ET4033767_1.tar.gz      324057945       69697258
all/OpsCenter_LinuxS_x86_x86_64_9001EEB_ET4033767_1.tar.gz      3191315801     69697258
all/               469834668       69714034


Recommended service state:

Stop all NetBackup services before applying this hotfix.

Update files

File name Description Version Platform Size

Applies to the following product releases

Knowledge base


Problem After upgrading OpsCenter to or performing a fresh install of OpsCenter, instead of getting the expected login screen, the following message is displayed: "An unknown exception has occurred. To continue, click on any tab."...