Enterprise Vault™ Migrating Data Using the Amazon S3 Storage Migrator

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Product(s): Enterprise Vault (14.1, 14.0, 12.5, 12.4, 12.3, 12.2, 12.1, 12.0, 11.0)

Using DTrace to view diagnostic logs

If you encounter problems when you store or retrieve archived data with the Enterprise Vault Amazon S3 storage migrator, you can run the DTrace utility to help you identify their cause. DTrace let you monitor multiple services simultaneously, write the trace to a file, filter for specific words, and trigger tracing based on filters.

The following table lists the migrator processes for which you can get diagnostic logs with DTrace.


We recommend that you set the monitoring level to Verbose in all cases.

Table: Troubleshooting with DTrace logs

Monitor this process

To do this


To get diagnostic logs for the restore or recall of the archived files that are located in the Amazon S3 cloud.


To get diagnostic logs for the following operations:

  • The upload of data to the Amazon S3 cloud through the Enterprise Vault collection and migration processes.

  • The deletion of empty collection files from the primary storage.


To view the information that is logged when Enterprise Vault checks whether the migrator software is installed and registered correctly and validates the configured settings. Enterprise Vault logs this information when you click the Test button on the Advanced tab of the vault store properties page. You can set a filter on the "OST Streamer" keyword to view logs specific to the Amazon S3 storage migrator.

For more information on DTrace, see the Utilities guide.