Enterprise Vault™ Troubleshooting the Monitoring Database and Agents

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Product(s): Enterprise Vault (14.1, 14.0, 12.5, 12.4, 12.3, 12.2, 12.1, 12.0, 11.0.1, 11.0)

About troubleshooting the Monitoring database and agents

This document applies to Enterprise Vault 8.0 and later, and provides supplementary information for the Enterprise Vault Installing and Configuring manual. It provides information to troubleshoot problems with the following:

Configuration of the Enterprise Vault Monitoring database

See About the Enterprise Vault Monitoring database.

The Enterprise Vault Monitoring agents

See About the Enterprise Vault Monitoring agents.


From Enterprise Vault 10.0.3, you can limit the Vault Service account's SQL privileges to increase database security. The Enterprise Vault databases contain a set of roles that enable you to assign to the Vault Service account only those SQL privileges that are required to run Enterprise Vault. However, if you limit the SQL privileges of the Vault Service account for normal daily operations, you may need to grant additional SQL privileges to the account for other tasks that require higher privileges.

For more information on using the SQL Server roles, see the following article on the Veritas Support website: https://www.veritas.com/docs/100038151.