Veritas™ System Recovery 23 Readme

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Product(s): System Recovery (23.0)

LightsOut Restore

  • When LightsOut Restore is set up, it installs the Veritas Recovery Environment directly to the file system on the system partition (you cannot change this location), and places a Veritas Recovery Environment boot option within the Windows boot menu.

  • LightsOut Restore does not work on BitLocked drives. Therefore, if you BitLock your system drive, you cannot recover the drive using LightsOut Restore.

  • If you cannot boot your computer using LightsOut Restore, it could be because your operating system resides on a drive that is formatted to FAT32.

    To resolve this issue, reset %TEMP% to point to a secondary drive that is formatted to NTFS. Then re-create a custom Veritas System Recovery Disk.