Veritas™ System Recovery 23 Readme

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Product(s): System Recovery (23.0)


  • Before you install Veritas System Recovery 23 on Windows 2012, Windows 2012 R2 or Windows 8.1 operating system, ensure that the latest Windows updates are installed.

  • With Veritas System Recovery 23, when you install Veritas System Recovery, the Veritas System Recovery Disk creation package is deployed by default.

  • If your computer shares RAM with another device, such as your graphics card, then your computer may not meet the minimum RAM requirements for using the features of Veritas System Recovery 23. You should avoid sharing RAM if your computer only meets the minimum amount of RAM required by Veritas System Recovery 23.

    For example, the minimum RAM requirement for Veritas System Recovery Disk is 512 MB. The entire RAM amount must be unshared and dedicated exclusively to Veritas System Recovery Disk. If it is not dedicated and unshared, you may run out of memory when you restore recovery points or perform other tasks using Veritas System Recovery Disk.

    Refer to the System Requirements for Veritas System Recovery section in Veritas System Recovery User's Guide for minimum system requirements.

  • If you use Microsoft BitLocker to secure the data on a drive, consider the following points:

    • You can unlock a BitLocked drive and then back it up using Veritas System Recovery 23. You can then restore it using the Veritas System Recovery Disk (or a customized version of Veritas System Recovery Disk).

      After restoring a BitLocked drive, you must set up BitLocking again because the drive is no longer BitLocked after it is recovered.

    • If you are concerned about securing the data on a drive (common reason for using BitLocker), you can encrypt your recovery points to secure the data.

    • If you restore a recovery point that contains data from a previously BitLocked drive; to a new drive, you must have a recovery point of both the boot partition and the system partition.

      You must restore the boot partition first, and then restore the system partition second. The Boot Configuration Data (BCD) is updated so that your computer starts correctly.

  • Approximately to 1 GB is required for a full install of Veritas System Recovery 23, depending on the language of the product you select. If your system drive (typically, C) is low on disk space and you select an alternate drive to install Veritas System Recovery 23, approximately 30 MB of disk space is still required on your system drive. If your system drive is dangerously low on disk space (less than 100 MB), you should first free up more space before installing Veritas System Recovery 23.

  • After installing Veritas System Recovery 23, you are prompted to restart your computer. Restarting your computer is necessary to install and activate the system drivers, vtrack.sys, SSRFsF.sys, and genericmount.sys.