NetBackup™ Web UI Backup Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.1.2)

About a NetBackup classic policy

You can protect an asset using a NetBackup classic policy, a protection plan, or both at the same time. This topic answers some common questions about NetBackup classic policies in the NetBackup web UI.

Table: Classic policy FAQ



In the web UI's Protected by column, what does Classic policy only mean?

The asset is not currently subscribed to a protection plan. However, it was subscribed to a protection plan or covered by a classic policy at one time and it has a Last backup status. There may or may not be an active classic policy protecting the asset (contact the NetBackup administrator to find out).

Where can I find the details of a classic policy?

The details of a classic policy are not visible in the web UI. To manage a classic policy, a NetBackup administrator can use the NetBackup Administration Console or the NetBackup CLIs. Also, the NetBackup administrator or the backup admin can manage and create policies using the NetBackup APIs.

When should I subscribe an asset to a protection plan versus protecting the asset with a classic policy?

Only a NetBackup administrator can create a classic policy. If you do not have the required permissions to subscribe assets to protection plans, ask the backup administrator to configure the protection plan. The backup administrator may choose to protect the asset through a protection plan (web UI) or through a classic policy (Administration Console).

Can I use both a protection plan and a classic policy to protect an asset?

Yes. The web UI shows the details of the protection plan but not the details of the classic policy. You can contact the NetBackup administrator for the classic policy details.

What action should I take when an asset is unsubscribed from a protection plan and the web UI shows Classic policy only for that asset?

You can ask the NetBackup administrator if a classic policy protects the asset.