Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance High Availability Reference Guide

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Platform: NetBackup Appliance OS

Introduction to the NetBackup 53xx high availability operations

In an operational high availability (HA) configuration, you can run the following operations from the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu:

  • Switchover

    This command transfers the services and workload of one node to the other node. Before you upgrade the HA node that runs the MSDP services, you must first run this command to switch the services over to the partner node.


    You cannot perform this operation with the virtual hostname or the virtual IP address. You must use the physical host name or the physical IP address of the specific node.

    A switchover automatically initiates email notifications to report the service status changes.

  • Status

    Use this command to check the status of the HA configuration and all the HA-related services.

  • RemoveNode

    Use this command to remove the partner node from the HA setup to perform maintenance, replacement, or to re-purpose the partner node appliance. This command works only from the compute node. You must use the physical hostname or physical IP address of the nodes to perform this operation. You cannot use the virtual hostname or the virtual IP address.

    After the partner node is removed from the HA setup, perform the following tasks:

    • Disconnect the Ethernet cables from the removed node.

    • Disconnect the FC cables from the removed node.

    • Perform a factory reset or re-image the removed node.


    Before you can perform a factory reset or a re-image on a node in an HA setup, you must first remove that node from the HA setup and disconnect all of its Ethernet and FC cables. Failure to observe this rule can cause HA issues that include data corruption and data loss.

    To add the removed node back to the HA setup, after completing the factory reset or re-image and reconnecting all cables, perform the initial configuration and AddNode operations. A reissue token is required.


    If you remove a node from the HA setup, the node that remains in the setup cannot be upgraded. HA nodes must be upgraded from within an HA setup that contains both nodes.

  • GetAssetTag

    You can retrieve the asset tag of the HA configuration to identify the hardware devices in your working environment.

    The asset tag works as the identity of an HA configuration. Once the HA configuration is complete, an asset tag is automatically attached to each firmware of the two nodes and the shared Primary Storage Shelf. To ensure that the changes take effect, Veritas recommends that you restart the two nodes.

    The values on the three components are identical. If the values vary, restart the node or nodes with the different value from the shared Primary Storage Shelf.

For the detailed usage of the respective commands, refer to NetBackup Appliance Commands Reference Guide.