Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance High Availability Reference Guide

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Platform: NetBackup Appliance OS

Converting existing systems to a NetBackup 53xx high availability configuration

This following describes the order of required tasks to convert existing systems to a high availability (HA) configuration.


Optimized Shares are not supported in appliance HA setups. If you plan to convert an existing 53xx appliance with Optimized Shares to an HA node, you must first expire all backup images on those shares, and then delete the shares. To expire the backup images, see the NetBackup Administrator's Guide. To delete Optimized Shares after the backup images have been expired, see the NetBackup Appliance Administrator's Guide.

  1. Install the new 53xx compute node (partner node) in the rack with the existing 53xx appliance.

  2. Connect the partner node to the Primary Storage Shelf.

  3. Connect the partner node to the existing node.

  4. Turn on the power to the partner node.

  5. Upgrade the software version of the existing master server as follows:

    For a traditional NetBackup master server, upgrade the server to version 8.1 or later.

    For an appliance master server, upgrade the server to software version 3.1 or later.

  6. Upgrade the existing 53xx compute node to software version 3.1 or later.


    Make sure that the software version you upgrade to on the existing compute node matches the version on the new partner node. If necessary, upgrade the partner node if it has an earlier version than the upgraded existing compute node.

  7. Log in to the NetBackup Appliance Web Console or the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu on the existing node and configure an HA setup. In this procedure, the newly assigned network information of this node is automatically added to the additional server list on the master server.


    When you convert an existing 53xx appliance for HA, the configuration for the HA setup may fail and report the following error message: [Error] V-409-955-4011: Failed to create the MSDP disk service. Refer to the TechNote 000127738. If this problem occurs, do not refer to TechNote 000127738. Instead, contact Veritas Support and inform the representative to see article 100044266 to help you resolve the issue.

  8. Perform the initial configuration on the partner node from the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu.

  9. On the existing node, add the partner node to the HA setup to complete the configuration.

    This task also adds the network information of the partner node to the additional server list on the master server, automatically.

For complete instructions, refer to the following documents:

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