Veritas NetBackup™ 52xx Appliance Initial Configuration Guide

Last Published:
Product(s): Appliances (3.2)
Platform: NetBackup Appliance OS

About the NetBackup appliance initial configuration checklist

Use the initial configuration checklist to help plan for the initial configuration and for any future appliance reconfiguration.

The checklist consists of a series of tables that describe the data entry fields for each initial configuration page that appears in the NetBackup Appliance Web Console.

For a new appliance, use the checklist to record the initial configuration settings before you configure the appliance. If the appliance is ever factory reset or re-imaged, the appliance must be configured again. The recorded settings in the checklist can save time and help get the appliance back on line quickly.

The checklist can be found in the following locations:

  • NetBackup Appliance Web Console

    When you log in to the appliance for the first time through the NetBackup Appliance Web Console, a download checklist link appears on the Welcome page. Click on the link to open the checklist file. You can also access the checklist by clicking the online Help (?) icon from any page and searching for checklist.

  • Online

    To obtain a PDF file of the latest version of this checklist, see the following link: