How to change the Service Account for the Connector Service

How to change the Service Account for the Connector Service

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Last Published: 2023-03-10
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The following steps describe how to change the Service Account for the Connector Service.


Before starting the steps, ensure to gather and note the details of the StorSite Web Service:

1. From the existing Service Account, launch the Connector Service application on the Connector service machine. 
2. Select the Configuration box and on the General Tab in the Storsite Web Service section, make a note of the values for the following fields:

  • StorSite Web Service Url
  • User Name
  • Password (this will not be visible - the password should have been noted when the Connector was created)

Determine the current location of the Connector database:

3. Open Windows Explorer, browse the current Connector service account user profile and find the user.config file for the current system account.
For Example:
C:\Users\<current system account  username>\AppData\Local\HubStor_Inc\HubStor.ConnectorService._...\<version>\user.config
4. Open the user.config file. Find the setting named DatabaseFilePath and note the value. 
For Example: 
<setting name="DatabaseFilePath" serializeAs="String">


To create a new connector service account: 

NOTE: The Service Account must not be part of the Built In AD group name 'Protected Users'

1. In Active Directory create a new user account that will be your service account.
2. Ensure the password is set to never expire. 
3. On the connector service machine, launch Computer Management, expand Local Users and Groups, select Groups. Then open the Administrators group and add the new account as a member of this group.
4. On the Connector service machine, launch Local Security Policy, expand Security Settings, expand Local Policies, expand User Rights Assignments. In the right pane find the Log on as a service policy and add the new service account to the policy.

Change the Log on Account for the connector service: 

5. Stop the Alta SaaS Protection Connector Service in the Services management console.
6. Select and right click the Alta SaaS Protection Connector Service, then select Properties
7. Select the Log On tab. Change the account to the new service account and update the password, then select        Apply and OK
8. Start the Alta SaaS Protection Connector Service.
9. Opens Windows Explorer, browse to the new connector service account's user profile and find the user.config file.
For Example:
C:\Users\<new service account user name>\AppData\Local\HubStor_Inc\HubStor.ConnectorService._...\<version>\user.config
10. Open the user.config file, find the setting named DatabaseFilePath and update the value with the location noted for the current service account above.
11. Restart the Connector service from the Services management console.

Update the Connector Service UI:

12. Launch the Connector Service application. The Connectors tab will be greyed out. 
13. On the General tab, fill in the Stor Site Web Service URL, User Name and Password noted above.
14. Select the Interactive Login button and select OK
15. Select the Save Button. 
16. Exit the Connector Service application and then launch it again. 
17. The Connectors tab will now be available. 

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