Understanding the Veritas Alta SaaS Protection (ASP) Topology

Understanding the Veritas Alta SaaS Protection (ASP) Topology

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Last Published: 2023-03-21
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The Veritas Alta SaaS Protection (ASP) cloud archive environment can scale out at different levels in the topology.

At minimum, every ASP tenant consists of the following:
  • Hub -- The Hub is top-level point in the ASP architecture. Every ASP tenant will only have one Hub. 
    • StorSite -- Under the Hub exists at least one StorSite. A StorSite maps to an Azure datacenter region. For larger organizations that require data sovereignty for certain countries, or that have multiple office locations requiring archive services, multiple StorSites can be provisioned.
      • Stor -- Each StorSite will have at least one Stor. A Stor is the actual archive repository where archived content will reside. Each Stor is configured with its unique metadata, versioning, redundancy, WORM, and policies for tagging, retention, and indexing.

Scaling out a ASP environment -- adding more Stors under a StorSite, or another StorSite under the Hub -- does not create silos. From an administration, security, and search perspective, ASP federates across the entire topology.


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