Physical to Virtual (P2V) conversion to VMware ESXi is blocked when source volume is larger than 2TB.

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Last Published: 2016-05-19
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Physical to virtual (P2V) conversions to VMware ESXi, using System Recovery, are blocked with the below message when the source (original) volume is larger than 2TB.

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Error Message

VMDK size cannot exceed the maximum limit of '2 TB - 512 bytes' on VMware ESX Server.


VMware have confirmed that converting disks larger than 2TB is not supported ( Refer to the 'Known Issues and Workaround' section ( Hosted virtual disk > 2TB is not supported).

A workaround would be to convert disks that are smaller than 2TB and perform restores for disks that are 2TB or larger.


Etrack : 3879663

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