Restoring Dynamic Disks in Veritas System Recovery (VSR) Veritas Recovery Environment (SRD).

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Last Published: 2015-05-17
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Restoring Dynamic Disks in Veritas System Recovery (VSR) Veritas Recovery Environment (SRD).

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When a non-system disk is restored, Disk Management in Windows can be used to convert the disk to dynamic. In some cases, it might be necessary to restore and preserve a Microsoft Dynamic Disk Volume from within the SRD using the Microsoft tool DISKPART.


The below process is written for non-system disks. If you are restoring an operating system volume, the option to make the partition bootable may be grayed out during in the SRD restore wizard. If this is the case, that partition should be restored (it will restore as a simple volume), booted into Windows, and Windows Disk Management used to convert the volume back to dynamic.

CAUTION: Be aware that the following steps DELETES the entire disk/drive/array of all volumes and data.

    • 1. Boot the system using the Veritas System Recovery Disk (SRD) CD.
      2. From the main menu select Analyze then Open Command Shell.
      3. In the command prompt type Diskpart and press Enter.
      4. Type List Disk and press Enter to list the available disks on this system.
      5. Note the disk number of the volume to create dynamic disks upon.
      WARNING: If removable disks are present, to prevent possible data lost disconnect such drives. After disconnecting them type rescan and press enter. Return to step 4.


    • 6. Type Sel Disk # and press Enter; where # is the number of the disk from step 5.

      Warning: If you are sure the correct disk is selected then proceed to next step , the next step will wipe all info on selected disk

      7. Type Clean and press Enter; a message indicating the disk was successfully cleaned should appear.
      8. Type create partition primary and press Enter; a message indicating the primary partition was created should appear.
      9. Type convert dynamic and press Enter; a message indicating that the conversion was successful appears.
      10. Start the recovery wizard, restore the recovery point to the "unknown" volume; dynamic disks appear as "unknown" within SRD.
      11. Reboot out of the SRD.
      12. In Windows choose Right click on My computer choose Manage from the context menu.
      13. Click Disk Management then right click on the foreign Disk; the disk to which the recovery point was just restored.
      14. Select import Foreign Disks | Assign and choose the appropriate drive letter.


    • Veritas is providing this information as reference only, to be used 'as is'. Although creating an image of a dynamic disk is a feature of the software, restoring to a dynamic disk is not an officially supported function of Veritas System Recovery.




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