Image duplications using Storage Lifecycle Policies are not starting

Image duplications using Storage Lifecycle Policies are not starting

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Last Published: 2013-09-18
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The nbstlutil stlilist -U command keeps shows images are not duplicated. The number of images in this state will continually increase.

Error Message

No error is shown.


Without the nbstserv service, the expected image duplications and storage management does not occur, accumulating pending duplications and fulfilling the primary backup storage of all the SLP.



As a first step: Check the nbstserv status and stability.

Trying to execute the duplication with the nbstlutil active –backupid <BACKUPID> returns an error message:

Caught CORBA SystemException from SSmgrOperations: system exception, ID ''
OMG minor code (2), described as '*unknown description*', completed = NO

Then, try starting the nbstserv service and then try to perform duplication with the "nbstlutil active" command.

A known cause for the nbstserv startup failure has been the absence of the correct VXUL configuration for this service.

The file:

<install-path>\netbackup\nblog.conf  (Windows)
/usr/openv/netbackup/nblog.conf (Unix)

must contain the correct stanza for the originator 226. 

By default it appears like this:






Applies To

One known cause of this issue is that the nbstserv process is not running on Unix or on Windows the NetBackup Storage Lifecycle Manager services is not running.

In such a situation, no error is reported on standard Activity Monitor or regular reporting information. Additionally, depending on the general Storage Lifecycle manager threshold, it may be many hours before the problem is detected. 

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