Enterprise Vault Event 3411 or Event 3432 - Troubleshooting Digest

Enterprise Vault Event 3411 or Event 3432 - Troubleshooting Digest

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Last Published: 2015-06-03
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Outlook on the Enterprise Vault (EV) server is unable to reach the Global Catalog (GC) in Exchange 2003, 2007 or Client Access Server (CAS) in Exchange Server 2010.

Example scenarios include:

  • Exchange Archiving Task Failure
  • Enable Mailbox Failure
  • Running Provisioning Task
  • EVPM Fails to Create a Privileged MAPI Session
  • Recent Migration of Exchange
  • OWA Retrievals

Error Message

Example event IDs include:

Event ID: 3411
Task Category: Agent Client Broker
Description: An error has been reported by ConfigureMsgService. It may be due to a problem contacting a Global Catalogue Server.
Exchange Server: 'EXCH-01'
Mailbox: SMTP:'VSA@mailbox.com'
Error: 0x80040115

Event ID: 3432
Task Category: Archive Task
Description: One or more errors occurred during the creation of a profile to connect to an Exchange Server.
Targeted Exchange Server: 'EXCH-01'
Mailbox: SMTP:'VSA@mailbox.com'
ConfigureMsgService failed with the following errors:
A network error MAPI_E_NETWORK_ERROR has been reported for the following connection points:

Log Name: Symantec Enterprise Vault 
Source: Enterprise Vault 
Date: 3/31/2016 12:18:31 PM 
Event ID: 3139 
Task Category: Agent Client Broker 
Level: Error 
Keywords: Classic 
User: N/A 
Computer: VAULT.Lab.com 
An non-specific error has occurred whilst enabling archiving for the mailbox /o=Doe INC./ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=John Doe 
Error: <0x80040115> 



In order to make a connection and open a specific mailbox, MAPI calls ConfigureMsgService. Errors reported by ConfigureMsgService can be broken down to the following areas:

1. Cannot resolve the system mailbox name - error 0x81002746

2. Connectivity errors to the NSPI end-point - error 0x80040115

In Event ID 3432, it notes an Exchange server or GC/DC.  Often times if a server is decommissioned and the GC is manually set in the Vault Admin console, it will cause this failure. 
(see Note 4 below to correct this)

3. Exceeded NSPI connections on Domain Controller - error 0x80040111 / 0x80040201

4. Exceeded MAPI profiles (when using Outlook 2007)  - error 0x8007000e
    - MAPI_E_OUTOFMEMORY  See TECH129173 for more information.



Outlook, by default, will connect to the Global Catalog (GC) server or CAS automatically. If the GC or CAS is not readily available via the EV server one can be manually assigned.

There are two Outlook registry values used to resolve connectivity issues seen with ConfigureMsgService. These affect how the MAPI subsystem communicates with Active Directory and have no further impact on the EV environment.

For Exchange 2010 and 2013, use this registry key to force Outlook to use a pre-defined GC server.

Additional Information:

  • This over-rides any setting in the MAPI profile.
  • Using “DS Server” and multiple forests requires separate task accounts so individual “DS Server” values can be specified for the different forests.
  • Use of the “DS Server” creates a single-point of failure – if the server is not available the tasks will fail and be unable to restart until the global catalog server becomes available again.

Key Location Settings

DS Server

      \Exchange Provider        
Value name: DS Server
Data type: REG_SZ (string)
Value data: FQDN of the CAS server


If running a version of Exchange Server that is earlier than Exchange Server 2010, use the following steps to force Outlook to identify and use the closest GC server.


Key Location Settings

Closest GC
      \Exchange Provider              
Value name: Closest GC
Data type: REG_DWORD
Radix: Hexadecimal  Value data: 0x00000001

When Closest GC is set to 1, Outlook automatically identifies and uses the closest global catalog server.
See Microsoft KB for more information: https://support.microsoft.com/kb/319206



Note 1: Exchange Server 2010 introduces significant changes in the way Outlook interacts with GC servers in the organization. In Exchange Server 2010, the Microsoft Exchange Address Book Service on the CAS hosts the NSPI endpoint. The Exchange Server 2010 CAS provides address book and related services to Outlook clients instead of referring Outlook to GC server.

Note 2: Event 3411 was previously Event 3377 in Versions 7.5 SP6 and lower.

Note 3: A frequently used solution to resolve the single point of failure is to create a DNS round-robin for a selection of chosen GC servers. This allows a single connection point in configuration of Enterprise Vault while allowing the administrator to specify a set of GC servers they wish to use. 000083998

Note 4: To confirm if the GC is specified in the Vault Admin console, expand Site | Targets | Exchange | Right click > Properties on the Domain 

Make the necessary changes to correct the server name. This option is blank by default due to creating a single point of failure when specified.  Use this option with care. 


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