Oracle 19c database fails to start within VCS with ORA-12777

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After upgrading to Oracle 19c an Oracle Instance fails to start within VCS. It will start outside of VCS.

Error Message

The following is reported in the Oracle_A.log:

2022/04/11 12:36:40 VCS WARNING V-16-20002-205 Oracle:oradb:monitor:Process ora_pmon restarted
2022/04/11 12:41:04 VCS NOTICE V-16-20002-21 Oracle:oradb:online:Oracle startup returned the output
LD_LIBRARY_PATH - /u01/app/oracle/product/19.0/lib:/usr/lib:
ORA-12777: A non-continuable error encountered. Check the error stack for additional information [ksm_check_ob_paths:1], [ORACLE_BASE], [], [].
ORA-08275: Environment variable unset


The issue occurs when the orabasetab is incorrectly configured. There are multiple reasons why this might have occurred but none are related to the VCS product.


The following is an example of a correctly configured orabasetab:

[root@server101 log]# cat /home/oracle/orabasetab
#orabasetab file is used to track Oracle Home associated with Oracle Base

The problem is encountered when the orabasetab is edited to the following:



This behaviour is not observed in Oracle 12c. Not all releases have been tested as of writing so may effect any release in between.


Edit the orabasetab so that it reflects the correct oracle home information. 

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