Introducing Veritas Cyber Resilience Services


During our Achieving Cyber Resilience with Zero Doubt broadcast, we announced the Veritas Cyber Resilience Services. This includes the Veritas Cyber Resilience Assessment Service before an attack happens and the Cyber Resilience Recovery Assist Service to help you resiliently manage recovery. Let’s explore how these two new services can help augment your current staff with hands-on experts both before and after a cyber incident.

Veritas Cyber Resilience Assessment Service

Available to all Veritas customers, the Veritas Cyber Resilience Assessment Service is a new Professional Services offering that includes proactive recommendations to optimize an organization’s security posture. This includes assistance in deploying Veritas solutions with recommended security and cyber resiliency best practices and aligning with recovery objectives. We also offer a recurring engagement to measure your organization’s state of recovery readiness and advise customers through tabletop exercises derived from actual recoveries and lessons learned.

Veritas Cyber Resilience Recovery Assist Service

Unfortunately, even with cyber strategies in place, incidents can occur. In the Veritas Data Risk Management Report, 65% of survey respondents said their organization had experienced a successful ransomware attack in the last two years.

If you are experiencing a cyberattack, the Veritas Cyber Resilience Recovery Assist Service provides you access to the Veritas experts needed to expedite critical data recoveries. We want to ensure you can accelerate your return to normal business operations with direct access to the Veritas Recovery Response Team with around-the-clock support, including an on-site support option, if needed.

With this consultation and guidance on restoring critical business systems and applications, this will ensure you have the confidence to accelerate your recovery journey. During the Cyber Recovery Assistance, the Veritas Recovery Response Team will be available during key phases, as needed, including:

  • Initial Incident Response—Gather incident details and the impact of the attack, if known, and provide a day zero playbook based on the type of breach, such as:
    • Suspend Backup Expiry and Retention Policies
    • Shutdown Systems
    • Change Passwords
  • Detection & Analysis—Ensure accurate detection of attacks, assess Data Protection Infrastructure Impact, and aid in infrastructure health check post-incident.
  • Threat Containment— Isolate or lockdown your data protection infrastructure and provide malware removal so that you can remediate and recover quickly.
  • Recovery—Additional malware scanning to ensure all malware and infection has been removed from backup images before recovery. Troubleshoot any failures and assist in recovery efforts to meet your recovery objectives.
  • Post Incident—Provide insight and recommendations from incident, including remediation plan to prevent future attacks.

Veritas Business Critical & Cyber Resilience Services

Learn more about Veritas Business Critical Services and get the specialized and proactive support your cyber recovery strategy needs.

In case you missed the announcement, check out the full broadcast on-demand: Achieving Cyber Resilience with Zero Doubt.

Veritas Cyber Resilience Services are optimized for our latest software release.  For the most up to date security, ensure you are on the latest release by visiting the Veritas Download Center.

Subhash Kotkar
Principal Product Manager
Cyber Resiliency

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