Introducing Veritas Backup Exec 22.2 – the All-in-one Solution to Ransomware Resiliency through Proactive Anomaly Detection

Protection August 07, 2023

Veritas Technologies, a renowned leader in data protection and management solutions, is proud to announce the release of Veritas Backup Exec 22.2, available starting from August 7, an advanced data backup and recovery solution designed to empower businesses with enhanced protection against ransomware and data loss. 

As a core pillar of ransomware resiliency, Backup Exec 22.2 provides holistic capabilities for safeguarding vital business data, regardless of whether the data is kept on-premises or in the cloud, as part of Veritas' continuous commitment to data resilience. Data is the lifeblood of businesses, and its protection is paramount in the face of ever-evolving threats.

How Veritas Backup Exec 22.2 Redefines Data Security 

Veritas Backup Exec 22.2 reaffirms its position as a leading data protection solution by bolstering ransomware resiliency through Anomaly Detection, the most recent version launched on August 7. Businesses have thus access to a proactive threat warning system that allows them to swiftly identify and report any peculiar changes in backup data that might imply a possible threat from ransomware.

Backup Exec Anomaly Detection monitors the job metadata within the backup processes, continuously inspecting for deviations from normal or common patterns. When abnormalities are identified, they are flagged for review, offering IT managers a precise means to recognize possible risks and weaknesses inside their backup data.

The system further enhances its utility by categorizing and labeling each detected anomaly based on its severity level, distinguishing between low, medium, and high-risk incidents. Thus, this fine-grained classification empowers businesses to prioritize their responses and take proactive measures against critical threats while efficiently managing lower-risk occurrences.

  • Anomaly Detection for Ransomware Resilience - Identifies and reports peculiar changes in backup data, offering a proactive threat warning system.
  • Continuous Monitoring of Job Meta Data - Monitors backup processes for deviations from normal patterns, ensuring potential risks are promptly recognized.
  • Precise Risk Recognition - Flags abnormalities for review, enabling IT managers to identify possible weaknesses in backup data.
  • Severity-Based Categorization – Anomaly classification on the basis of severity (low, medium, high), empowering prioritized responses to critical threats.
  • Efficient Risk Management – Proactive measures against critical threats while efficiently managing lower-risk occurrences.

Safeguarding Business Data: How Veritas Fulfills the Urgent Need for Robust Anomaly Detection Systems

Unpredictable incidents consistently occur in the sphere of business data and information. As such, the release of Backup Exec 22.2 comes at a critical time when businesses face unpredictable incidents in the realm of data and information Anomalies such as irregular resource utilization or unaccounted activity constitute unexpected events within the data center and cloud-based IT infrastructures. 

Both established corporations and emerging businesses require robust anomaly detection systems to identify these atypical occurrences across their data assets, whether stored on-premises or in the cloud. This precautionary measure is essential in safeguarding these entities from the debilitating aftermath of a ransomware assault, thereby maintaining their digital ecosystem's integrity and security.

In 2022, 493.33 million ransomware attacks targeted organizations across all sectors at a global scale, as estimated by Statista. And these breaches bring significant costs for companies. Conversely, IBM highlights that a breach typically goes undetected in a company for 197 days and then requires up to 69 days for containment. However, swift action can lead to significant savings: companies that manage to contain a breach within 30 days save over $1 million.

With the increasing complexity of ransomware attacks, reliance solely on human intervention is insufficient. Critical stakeholders in information technology necessitate automated systems to detect anomalies in their infrastructure promptly. Moving forward, a proactive approach is paramount to outmaneuver potential attackers and safeguard business-critical data.

Data Resilience via Lockdown Server & Backup Exec

Lockdown Server, first introduced in an earlier version of Veritas Backup Exec, bestowed immutability upon Backup to Disk and Deduplication storage. Data integrity and resilience in the face of ransomware attacks were ensured by using this solution, which protected organizations' vital backup data from unauthorized manipulation.

With the inclusion of service lockdown, Backup Exec implemented a further innovation to protect its users' data from malicious cyber intrusions. Protecting itself from possible exploitation, Backup Exec ensured that only authorized processes might enter the backup environment by shielding the services against code injection attempts.

Uncovering Holistic Data Protection for Small to Midsize Businesses

For small to midsize businesses (SMB’s), Veritas’ data backup and recovery solution has been carefully tailored to ensure the security and reliability of their vital information. It provides tech leaders with a comprehensive and efficient tool that shields their business-critical data from potential loss, theft, or corruption. This holistic approach covers all bases, providing protection for data wherever it resides, be it physical, virtual, or cloud environments.

While anomaly detection may not be a groundbreaking capability in data protection products, its integration within a single, all-encompassing data protection solution is indeed a distinguished offering. Veritas Backup Exec 22.2’s unique convergence of capabilities sets this solution apart from the others available on the market.

Traditionally, businesses would have to procure multiple products from various vendors, including a backup & recovery product, a monitoring & analytics tool, and a separate backup solution for cloud data protection. Not only does it offer superior data protection, but it also yields substantial convenience and potential cost savings for businesses. Rather than managing and coordinating disparate products from multiple vendors, or sometimes the same vendor, IT leaders can now benefit from a cohesive and centralized approach to data protection. Besides, this simplified management and unified interface enable IT administrators to streamline their workflows, saving valuable time and effort. 

Coordinating and synchronizing these different solutions to achieve comparable functionality could be a complex pursuit. In contrast, this all-in-one solution provides a streamlined, comprehensive service that efficiently protects all IT resources across diverse platforms, eliminating the need for multiple disjointed systems. For the businesses who adopt this pioneering solution, the results translate into superior protection, substantial convenience, and potential cost savings.

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