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It can be difficult to locate information regarding Backup Exec licensing on the Veritas website. This document provides a single location for a list of useful links against licensing information and usage with regards to Backup Exec Editions, Agents and Options

UMI Code: V-379-34581


General Backup Exec Licensing Information


Steps to download the Backup Exec Licenses and Installation Files within VEMS

Backup Exec 22.x Licensing Guide

Backup Exec 21.x Licensing Guide

Backup Exec 20.x Licensing Guide

Backup Exec 16 Licensing Guide

How to interpret Backup Exec SLF file content
(to help confirm if your issued license is correct)


How to locate and remove SLF Files

Information on specific Backup Exec Editions

Backup Exec Capacity/Bronze/Silver/Gold Editions: Calculation Information and BE 20.x Usage/Troubleshooting
(these two articles augment the information in the Licensing Guide)

Backup Exec V-Ray Edition: Tier A vs Tier B license usage

(this is legacy information as Backup Exec 16 and above no longer use the Tier concept) Backup Exec V-Ray Edition: License Counts within a Hyper-V cluster Backup Exec V-Ray Edition: Hosts not involved in backup processing are included in the count Backup Exec V-Ray Edition: Protection of Physical Machines Backup Exec Small Business Edition: Agent Requirements
(this edition is now End-of-Life, however administrators of existing installations  or those licensed for older versions of Backup Exec may need this information)

Information on specific Agents and Options

Backup Exec Virtual Unlimited Drive Option (VUDO) may alert against Library Expansion Option (LEO)

Notes on how to license agents in a CASO Environment

Information on specific Backup Exec Versions

Backup Exec 2012 Maintenance Timings no longer available


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