Office 365 Protection and Governance

Solutions for analysis, discovery and recovery. See how to optimize your Office 365 content with Veritas.


Veritas Solutions for Office 365

Enterprise Vault and Enterprise

Unparalleled information governance that ensures full compliance and retention for your Office 365 data.

  • Easy-to-manage preservation tools establish a unified repository for Office 365 data discovery.
  • Capture all Office 365 message metadata and maintain a complete, immutable audit trail.
  • Quickly search and filter results to narrow massive amounts of data down to only what’s needed

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eDiscovery Platform

A complete legal and regulatory workflow solution that helps you close Office 365 gaps and manage all your legal discovery needs.

  • Automated legal hold notification and management is simplified with a robust set of admin tools
  • Improve Early Case Assessment with easy-to-use auto-filters and discussion threading to eliminate noisy data and cut review times
  • Full portfolio of review tools make in-house eDiscovery a breeze.

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Merge1 for Microsoft 365

Capture communications into Microsoft 365 for compliance peace of mind.

  • Archive all communications and collaboration activities across your Microsoft applications.
  • Avoid hassle of running two archives in parallel.
  • Communications captured in native format.
  • Mitigates risk from regulatory bodies as more communications are moved through Microsoft 365 applications.

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Veritas Digital Compliance: Going Beyond Office 365

See below for a series of recorded webcasts and walk-through demos that show how Veritas goes beyond Office 365 by doing the following:

  • Providing superior information governance and eDiscovery
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance and avoiding vendor lock-in
  • Delivering a superior ROI and minimizing risk
  • Reducing the costs of litigation for organizations in any industry.

Comparison Videos: Enterprise Vault and Office 365

True Journaling (demo video)


Facet Filtering (demo video)


Indexing Limitations (demo video)


Legal Holds (demo video)


Comparison Videos: eDiscovery Platform and Office 365

Cost Considerations


Legal Hold Notification


Non-O365 Collections


Review & Redactions


Exports & Productions


Meet regulatory obligations for information retention and eDiscovery

Learn how Marubeni Trading Company achieved painless legal compliance

Japan’s Marubeni needed to archive its Microsoft Exchange Online emails to comply with regulatory information retention and eDiscovery requirements. Adopting Enterprise helped the company easily meet its legal obligations.

  • Reduce compliance burden and risk
  • Successfully deploy solution to 4,500 initial users and expand to other companies in the group, including overseas companies
  • Ensure rapid, effective eDiscovery