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Unified visibility and deep insights across your IT infrastructure.

Classify and control unstructured data.

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Over half of all enterprise data is “dark” or unknown, creating regulatory risks and business intelligence gaps. Veritas gives compliance teams and IT staff the ability to classify and contextualize content, making it easier to search for data, gain insights, and meet regulatory requirements.

Maximize business intelligence with powerful file analysis.

Veritas helps large organizations quickly and effectively visualize dark data and aggregate actionable insights from edge to core to cloud.


Social media, team collaboration, email, instant messaging and voice communication.


Automate classification and retain your organization's most important data.


Locate relevant data quickly for discovery, supervision, privacy and legal challenges.

Optimize ransomware resilience

Actively monitor data from all environments through a single, comprehensive diagnostic platform to quickly identify applications and services at risk.

Reduce compliance risks

Identify access and permission vulnerabilities before a crisis hits. Discover how Data Insight compliance analytics can help you meet demanding regulatory requests.

Improve application workflows

With visualization across collaboration tools like Slack, Zoom and Microsoft 365, Merge1 capture engine can show you which applications your teams prefer to use across a variety of use cases.

Streamline data governance

Our integrated portfolio of compliance capabilities synthesizes intelligence across data sources to deliver insights, enhance e-discovery and minimize risk for organizations of all sizes.

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Secure Cloud Data Management Platform

Veritas Alta™ brings together a best-in-class portfolio of cloud-based data services in a single, powerful platform. Take control of data protection, application resiliency, and data compliance and governance.

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