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Entetsu System Service Selects Veritas NetBackup to Support Its Complex Virtualization Infrastructure

Tokyo, Japan, December 21, 2016—Veritas Technologies Japan LLC (Veritas), the leader in information management, today announced that Entetsu System Service Co. Ltd (ESS), the IT systems arm of the Entetsu Group, has chosen Veritas NetBackup to provide unified data protection across virtual, physical and cloud.

The Entetsu Group operates businesses that provide communities in the western Shizuoka Prefecture with a comprehensive range of essential services spanning transit by rail, bus and taxi; departmental and retail stores; real estate; insurance; and convalescent care for the elderly and handicapped. ESS manages the IT system operations that the Group’s services depend on.

During Entetsu Group’s revamp of its large-scale virtualization infrastructure to support business-critical processes in 2015, ESS took the IT overhaul as an opportunity to re-evaluate how it backed up the Group’s systems and data. Concluding that it was too time consuming and unproductive to continue with traditional backups to tape and the monthly manual backup work associated with it, ESS chose Veritas NetBackup to completely automate, speed up, and simplify backups and their administration.

Data handled by IaaS systems was projected to reach 100TB in the next five years. In order for ESS to fully automate the process, the team had to ensure the automated completion of the daily backup of up to 100TB data overnight - finishing before the 5:00 AM departure of the first Entetsu train the following morning.

ESS’s deployment of Veritas NetBackup together with the new virtualization infrastructure enabled the complete automation of this daily backup routine. The addition of Auto Image Replication (A.I.R.) ensured that the backed up data was automatically replicated at a different off-site remote location. “NetBackup Accelerator leverages VMware’s VADP technology* and enables us to complete backing up of almost all our virtual machines in one to five minutes per machine,” said Takuro Suzuki, head of the Network Development section, Office Systems, ESS.

“Veritas NetBackup’s ability to backup only new or changed data and exclude redundant data that has already been backed up makes this kind of speed possible. In ESS’s experience, up to 99.8% of asset management data sets are duplicated and no longer needed to be backed up again. Previously, we required 19TB x five generations for the full backup of data but thanks to the deduplication capability offered by Veritas NetBackup, we now only require about 9TB which results in shorter backup time. Efficiency gains achieved could also be channeled to better use of storage,” added Satoru Maruichi, manager of the Network Development section, Office Systems, ESS.

The total automation of backup tasks means that the ESS could do away with the monthly night shifts previously needed to complete all the backups on time.

More and more enterprises are also increasingly having to deal with IT challenges including insufficient time to complete backups, the need to shift to virtualization, or how to ensure business continuity when disasters strike. ESS’s experience outlines Veritas NetBackup7.7 (the version deployed by ESS) is engineered to accommodate any enterprise user needs as it offers IT departments with the flexibility to formulate backup strategies tailored for any situations, without having to compromise because of cost or performance limitations.

“Veritas NetBackup’s compatibility with most major cloud storage systems used for backup storage gives users more choices and flexibility to deal with issues such as transitioning from tape backup or using the cloud as a means of disaster preparedness. The unparalleled backup speed that Accelerator delivers, coupled by A.I.R capability, enables enterprise environments to remain resilient even in the event of a disaster - making Veritas NetBackup the preferred choice for their data protection needs,” said Takayuki Nishimura, Japan Sales Leader, Veritas.

Visit this URL for more details on ESS’s experience implementing Veritas NetBackup.

* A data protection framework provided by VMware.


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