Download Manager for Internet Explorer Users:

Internet Explorer users have an ability to enjoy the additional feature, Download Manager. Download Manager provides the users with features such as start-stop, tracking download status and downloading of multiple files.

If you do not wish to use Download Manager, please select 'No' when the dialog box appears and deny installation of Download Manager on your system.

In order for the Internet Explorer users to take advantage of Download Manager feature, there are few important browser security setup considerations:

Tools->Internet Options->security tab, under 'Custom Level'

  1. ActiveX controls and Plug-ins Section:
    Download Signed ActiveX controls must be 'Enable' or 'Prompt'
    Run ActiveX controls and Plugins: Enable or Prompt
    Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting: Enable or Prompt
    File Download: Enable
  3. Scripting:
    Enable Active Scripting: Enable

Tools->Internet Options-> Privacy
Privacy setting cannot be 'High' or 'Block all Cookies'

If the Internet Explorer is not setup properly, it will result in the browser displaying either error message or blank page. In some situation, your network will not allow you to modify any Security and Privacy setting. Please contact your System Administrator for additional information.

In order to remove the installed Download Manager, delete the file named: Download Manager Control.

Multiple File Download Instructions

For Windows

You have an option to download one file or in smaller pieces. When you are downloading in smaller pieces, please make sure to download the associated .cmd or .bat file as well.

The file download for some products have been offered in smaller pieces for users who have limited bandwidth. Once all of the files have been downloaded, double-click on the .cmd/.bat file that you have saved locally on your computer. This will compile the individual files into the final file format. The disk space required will be equal to the individual files plus the size of the combined file.

For UNIX/Linux

How to extract the files:

To gunzip a file, use the following command:

gunzip filename.tar.gz


To untar a file, use the following command:

tar -xvf filename.tar


How to Merge the files:

After downloading all of the files into a single directory, merge them into the original tarball by issuing the command below:

cat [filenames] > combined_filename


For example, if we had the following three files to combine to create final.tar.gz:

  • file1.tar.gz
  • file2.tar.gz
  • file3.tar.gz

To merge these three to create final.tar.gz you would use the following command:

cat file1.tar.gz file2.tar.gz file3.tar.gz > final.tar.gz


How to verify the file contents with md5sum

Use the following command:

md5sum filename.tar.gz