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Local Municipality




A local municipality needed to modernize the existing data recovery and protection environment for its hosted data centers. These data centers would remain critical to the municipality’s operations, even as many of municipal digital services migrated to the cloud.


A Veritas Technology Partner migrated data protection in two data centers to NetBackup™, while maintaining the municipality’s existing data retention workflows. With the new NetBackup solution, the team readily extended data protection to a third data center. The Technology Partner also introduced Oracle and SQL into the new environment, using Veritas NetBackup software and NetBackup Flex Appliance hardware.


Executed on time and under budget, the data recovery and protection modernization project has exceeded the municipality’s expectations. Shortly after the project’s conclusion, the municipality recorded its first-ever successful disaster recovery between two data centers. Completed within 24 hours, the recovery was well within the 72-hour SLA requirement.