Veritas Pune Fosters Innovation at Hackathon 2024

Inside Veritas March 14, 2024

In an era where technological advancements are at the forefront of business evolution, fostering innovation within a company is more crucial than ever. A company-wide Hackathon is one effective way to harness the creative potential of our engineering team.

As the lead of the Hackathon 2024 organising committee, it brings me immense pleasure to talk about this event which was planned as part of our annual tech event, illuminate. The Veritas Pune hackathon, that took place on 29 February and 01 March, had engineers from various products and business units coming together to ideate, collaborate, and innovate over two days of intense hacking.

598 individuals grouped into 260 teams participated in the hackathon, which is a platform for our talent to explore and experiment with innovative technologies, solve real-world problems, and, most importantly, have fun doing it. Participants were encouraged to think creatively, embrace unconventional ideas, and challenge the status quo. We facilitated an open forum where participants could pitch their project ideas, allowing everyone to find like-minded individuals and form teams. This diversity also ensured that cross-functional teams were formed, promoting collaboration across different departments and skill sets.

This event featured carefully curated themes, ensuring a diverse range of projects that catered to different interests and skill sets within our organization. AI/ML, Autonomous, Cloud, Security/Ransomware, and Challenge the Competition were the themes that provided a broad canvas for participants to explore their interests. The chosen themes aimed to align with Veritas’ strategic goals while allowing participants the freedom to explore their interests.

The culmination of the hackathon, the demo day, took place on 04 March, where teams highlighted their projects to a panel of internal evaluators. The presentations were a testament to the dedication, innovation, and technical prowess of our teams.

The projects ranged from ground-breaking solutions to existing business challenges to innovative prototypes that pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Each project was evaluated based on criteria such as creativity, technical complexity, feasibility, and potential impact on the company.

The Hackathon not only displayed the technical capabilities of our employees but also highlighted the collaborative spirit that defines our company culture. Witnessing the passion and dedication of our team members was truly inspiring.

In the spirit of fostering ongoing innovation, we are committed to supporting the development and implementation of the most promising projects that emerged from the hackathon. This event has laid the foundation for a culture of continuous innovation, collaboration, and learning within our company, propelling us into a future where creativity knows no bounds.

Hackathon 2024 was a resounding success, producing not just tangible results in the form of pioneering projects but also strengthening the bond among team members. As we move forward, we will build upon this momentum to ensure that the spirit of innovation continues to thrive at Veritas. 


Shreenivas Baitule
Technical Director